agitated women sitting on couch with head in her hands trying to avoid stress, depression, and relapse this holiday season

Avoid Stress, Depression, and Relapse This Holiday

The holidays are just around the corner. Perhaps they snuck up on you this year, or maybe you have been looking forward to them for months. Avoiding stress, depression, and relapse during the holiday season can be challenging, and for good reason! Common sources of holiday stress include the following: Financial worries Trying to make…

friends and family enjoy a sober substance free thanksgiving together

3 Tips on How to Maintain a Sober Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, many women in recovery face an important question. How can they maintain their sobriety on this festive day? After all, alcohol is traditionally an important part of many holidays, including Thanksgiving. By planning in advance, you can make the goal of staying sober much easier to achieve. A few women’s sober…

a woman struggles to hide the physical effects of her heroin addiction

What Are the Physical Effects of Heroin Addiction?

Heroin is an opioid street drug with a high potential for addiction. Many of the effects of heroin addiction are mental or psychological. However, the condition also produces a range of damaging physical effects. To recover your mental and physical health, you must enroll in a heroin addiction treatment program. That’s the only way to…

a woman holding a teddy bear reflects on how her childhood trauma led her to addiction

The Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction

A child’s circumstances and experiences help shape their psychological and physical development. The connection between the environment and psyche is so strong that it shapes their thoughts and behaviors well into adulthood. As such, the connection between childhood trauma and addiction is easy to understand. The precise connection between trauma and addiction during childhood is…

a woman disregards the risks of lean and suffers the consequences of negative side effects

What Are the Risks of Lean?

Prescribed cold or cough medicines can be more dangerous than over-the-counter medications. That’s true because they contain more potent ingredients, and their abuse may lead to serious problems. A prime example of such abuse is the mixture known as Lean. Lean contains an opioid drug as its main active ingredient. When you misuse this opioid,…

a young woman begins to wonder if she is quietly addicted to painkillers

Am I Quietly Addicted to Painkillers?

Almost 10 million Americans abuse pain medications every year. Included in this figure are millions of women. In addition, more than 10% of Americans develop diagnosable cases of painkiller abuse or addiction. Whether you know it or not, you may be included among those who are affected. If so, you need help from a painkiller…