Welcome to Women’s Recovery in Denver, Colorado. Our women’s treatment center provides unique and effective treatment options for women who are battling substance abuse. With individualized treatment options for each person who walks through our doors, we can empower you to take your life back from substances. To learn more about the Women’s Recovery difference, contact our treatment center by calling 833.754.0554.

The Women’s Recovery Difference

women learning the women's recovery differenceWomen’s Recovery in Denver and Summit, Colorado offers clinically savvy, trauma-integrated, boutique-style treatment to empower women to create the life they deserve. We embody our self-worth, and go above and beyond, rather than merely making do, to give you the best possible treatment. You’re worth this high level of treatment, even if you don’t believe it right now.

Our goal is to be a nationally recognized thought leader and treatment provider in the field of substance abuse by 2025 and to be the standard for a women’s treatment program by 2030. To do this, we address more than substance use symptoms. Our expert Women’s Recovery staff focuses on identifying and addressing the causes and conditions that caused the substance use. Using a whole-person, trauma-informed approach through our trauma treatment program, we treat your needs, rather than the substance.

Another unique part of the Women’s Recovery treatment difference is our extraordinary treatment programs. Our intensive-outpatient program addresses substance use disorders, including:

  • Alcohol use disorders
  • Heroin use disorders
  • Cocaine use disorders
  • Sleeping pill use disorders
  • Opioid use disorders

We will support you in your desire to heal from traumatic experiences and mental health conditions that have led to you using substances. With evidence-based therapy interventions, led by our exceptional team, we give you the best possible chance for long-term recovery.

Core Values at Women’s Recovery

Part of our Women’s Recovery treatment difference is our core values. The first value we hold is tenacious care. When you enroll in our treatment program, we show up for you each and every day. No matter what, we don’t give up on our patients. We work with you to ensure that you can move forward in your recovery.

Our next core value is that we are women-centric. Our treatment team is made up of women. We focus on giving strong women the care and empowerment they need to recover from substance abuse through our substance abuse treatment programs. We know that you have it within you to put an end to substance use; we just show you how to do it.

In addition, we also value ingenuity. As Albert Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting a different result. We know that you have it within you to make the treatment work. We use several different treatment methods to give you the results that you want.

We also value our community. When you struggle with substance abuse, you probably felt isolated and alone. Your family may have cut you off due to habits that come along with drug or alcohol use. However, at Women’s Recovery, we introduce you to a community of women who are also striving for recovery from substance use. You can rely on the women around you, just as they can rely on you.

Our final core value is empowerment. We believe each woman is a powerful being. You just need to be aware of the power within you to completely recover from substance use. We strive to give you that power.

Contact Women’s Recovery

No matter what substance you’re battling or how many times you’ve relapsed, we can help you put an end to your substance use. By contacting Women’s Recovery, you’re saying that you believe that you can recover. To learn more about the Women’s Recovery treatment difference, contact our treatment center today by calling 833.754.0554.