a person thinks maybe they are a high functioning alcoholic

3 Signs You’re a High-Functioning Alcoholic

Some people addicted to alcohol show apparent signs that they have a drinking problem. However, others affected by alcoholism may be harder to recognize. That’s true because they still seem to remain generally functional in daily life. People in this second category are sometimes known as high-functioning alcoholics. But make no mistake, high-functioning or not,…

a person sits up in bed waking up from being blackout drunk

The Dangers of Getting Blackout Drunk

Excessive alcohol use comes with several serious risks, including alcoholism and serious, non-addicted alcohol abuse. They also include the possibility of developing alcohol poisoning. In addition, you may drink enough to become blackout drunk. An alcohol blackout can endanger your health in multiple ways. You can black out even if you’re not affected by diagnosable…

a person overcoming body image issues looks confidently into a mirror

5 Helpful Tips for Overcoming Body Image Issues

Body image issues are relatively common among America’s teens and adults. These issues can affect boys and men. However, they’re often more prominent in girls and women. Unfortunately, body image issues sometimes contribute to a severe and damaging disordered eating pattern. If you’re affected by such a pattern, eating disorder treatment can help you recover.…

a woman holds her head on a couch struggling with women's mental health issues

Strategies to Cope with Women’s Mental Health Issues

Roughly one-quarter of all women in the U.S. will experience diagnosable mental health issues annually. A smaller but significant percentage of men are also affected. However, mental health problems in women are not always the same as those in men. And when they are the same, they often produce different symptoms. A mental health treatment…

Woman suffering from both alcohol and depression

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Depression

Alcohol and depression are often linked. Depression may cause a person to drink more alcohol, and drinking alcohol can make a person’s depression worse. Alcohol may also make it more challenging to recover from depression. Alcohol and depression have a symbiotic relationship, as they feed off of each other. A person who abuses alcohol may…

a tired woman in bed struggles with the long-term side effects of sleeping pills

Long-Term Side Effects of a Sleeping Pill Addiction

Many of America’s most widely prescribed medications are classes of sleeping pills. These medications include several benzodiazepines, or benzos. Increasingly, they also include members of the “Z drug” family. Z drugs are prescriptions that specifically relieve insomnia. Long-term misuse of a benzo or Z drug can lead to addiction. It can also lead to several…