therapist explaining the 5 benefits of ativan addiction treatment

5 Benefits of Ativan Addiction Treatment

Doctors use the benzodiazepine Ativan to treat insomnia and other sleep issues, as well as anxiety disorders. If you misuse this widely prescribed medication, you can get addicted to it. Fortunately, an Ativan addiction treatment program in Colorado will provide support for your recovery. This kind of program provides a range of specific benefits. Together,…

young woman in bed with table lamp on trying to sleep and wishing she had 3 natural alternatives to sleeping pills

3 Natural Alternatives to Sleeping Pills

Sleep problems are common in the U.S. In some cases, these problems are caused by diagnosable health conditions. You may also have less serious but still significant sleep issues. Many people turn to sleeping pills to deal with insomnia or anxiety-related sleep problems. Unfortunately, you can get addicted to these kinds of medications. If this…

female therapist explaining the 5 benefits of sleeping pill addiction treatment to a young woman

5 Benefits of Sleeping Pill Addiction Treatment

Hundreds of thousands of Americans develop serious problems with sleeping pills every year. Some of these people are not affected by addiction but still suffer from harmful patterns of abuse. Others have problems that qualify them for an addiction diagnosis. In both situations, Colorado sleeping pill abuse treatment can support your return to wellness. That’s…

worried looking woman lying in bed wondering am i addicted to sleeping pills

Am I Addicted to Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills are a large group of prescription and nonprescription medications. Some pills in this category pose no risk for abuse, dependence, or addiction. However, others can lead to problems in all of these areas. If you experience such problems, treatment for sleeping pill addiction in Colorado will support your recovery. How can you tell…

troubled young woman wondering can you get withdrawals from stopping marijuana

Can You Get Withdrawals From Stopping Marijuana

Today, it’s legal to use marijuana and certain other cannabis products in much of the U.S. The increasing acceptance of these products has led some people to believe that marijuana use is generally harmless. However, this is not always the case. Like another legal substance, alcohol, marijuana can be a source of harmful dependence and…

one woman explaining to another woman about dual diagnosis treatment for women

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Women

If you’re a woman with substance problems, there’s a good chance that you also have certain additional mental health issues. When addiction and other mental illnesses occur together, you have a dual diagnosis. Women affected by this combined condition often develop it for different reasons than men. In addition, they often have different treatment needs.…

smiling young woman waiting to discover does nutrient therapy actually work

Does Nutrient Therapy Actually Work?

Many women affected by drug or alcohol addiction also have a history or significant dietary problems. Some of these problems are not serious enough to qualify as eating disorders. However, diagnosable eating disorders are also common. If you’re affected by a severe nutritional issue and addiction, you need treatment for both conditions. Nutrient guides help…

person comforting woman seated on bed telling her about trans women addiction resources

Trans Women Addiction Resources

Transgender women face significant obstacles when seeking help for addiction. These obstacles can make it harder to find any form of treatment at all. They can also make it harder to get the additional support often needed by trans women. For these reasons, readily available addiction recovery resources are of crucial benefit. Resources of this…

young woman with pained expression experiencing loperamide side effects

Loperamide Side Effects

Have you heard about addicts turning to anti-diarrhea drugs if they can’t get their hands on painkillers? If so, you may also have heard of loperamide. Some people refer to this medication as a poor man’s methadone due to its low cost and easy availability. Methadone has a proven place in opioid addiction treatment programs.…