two women talk about the benefits of neurotherapy

Benefits of Seeking Neurofeedback Treatment

A number of modern treatment options can be used to help you recover from addiction or mental health issues. One such option is neurofeedback therapy, also known as neurotherapy. With help from this therapy, you can learn how to change thoughts and emotional responses that support addiction. This means that a neurofeedback treatment program may…

women get support in a women's alcohol rehab

Gender-Specific Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

Anyone who drinks heavy amounts of alcohol runs a risk for serious problems with abuse and addiction. However, women who drink have different levels of risk than men who drink. These gender-related differences impact women in a variety of ways. That impact may include a need for treatment in a women’s alcohol rehab center. At…

a women learns the connection between nutrition and addiction

The Role Nutrition Plays in Your Addiction Recovery

Addiction has wide-ranging effects on your mental and physical health. For many people, nutritional problems are a significant concern. These problems not only rob your body of life-sustaining nutrients, but they also increase your risks for certain serious mental health issues. For these reasons, a Nutrient guide for an eating disorder may form an essential part…

a doctor explains medication assisted treatment

Why You May Need Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is a widely used method for helping people addicted to opioids or alcohol. It combines the use of medication with behavioral therapy or counseling. One of the key medications used in MAT is Vivitrol. Along with therapy, a women’s Vivitrol program may be vital to your recovery. At Women’s Recovery, we…

two woman are happy with their proven drug and alcohol rehab

Proven Women’s Rehab Programs in Colorado

Rehab programs have a wide range of options for helping women with substance problems. However, not all of these options are equal. Some treatment options lack rigorous scientific research to support their effectiveness. In contrast, others are based on scientific evidence and proven to be effective. It’s important to understand the difference in choosing proven…

a green ribbon symbolizes world mental health day in october

Celebrating World Mental Health Day in October

Every year, October 10th is celebrated internationally as World Mental Health Day. This day highlights the global need to raise awareness of important mental health issues. Such issues include the crucial nature of the emotional and psychological aspects of well-being. They also include the need for wider access to effective mental health treatment. Men and…

a women's alcohol rehab has helped this woman cope

3 Reasons to Seek a Women’s Alcohol Rehab

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you need help to overcome serious alcohol problems. However, men and women don’t always have the same recovery requirements. This means that a gender-specific rehab program may best serve you. Here are three specific reasons why women should strongly consider a women’s alcohol rehab. If you need women’s…

a woman struggles with benzo abuse

Are Women More Susceptible to Benzo Abuse?

Every year, benzodiazepines, or benzos, appear on the list of the most commonly prescribed medications in America. Unfortunately, these sedatives and tranquilizers also rank as some of the most frequently abused medications. Are women more susceptible to benzo abuse than men? Not in a biological sense, but research suggests that there are plenty of reasons…

a woman struggles to hide the side effects of her alcohol addiction and hides her face in her hands

What Are Common Side Effects of Alcohol Addiction?

  Alcohol addiction is common in the United States. About one in eight American adults meets the criteria for alcohol use disorder. The effects of long-term alcohol abuse can be significant and impact every aspect of a person’s life. Often, alcohol addiction leads to devastating physical, social, and mental consequences. Most people need help to…