a woman regrets her drinking and anxiety

Can Drinking Cause Anxiety the Next Day?

Anxiety is a common fact of everyday life. For most people, anxious feelings last for a while and then disappear without having a serious impact. However, a significant number of people develop serious conditions called anxiety disorders. Can drinking make your anxiety levels worse? In some cases, yes. Anxiety disorders and major alcohol problems sometimes…

two women hug on world suicide prevention day

Recognizing World Suicide Prevention Day

Since 2003, countries around the globe have marked September 10th as World Suicide Prevention Day. The day is intended to bring awareness to the ever-present issue of death by suicide. This issue affects both women and men. However, the suicide-related facts for women differ from those for men in important ways. For this reason, targeted…

a person learns about an outpatient program for women

Characteristics of a Good Outpatient Program for Women

Outpatient treatment programs are mainstays in the field of addiction recovery. These programs give you the freedom to live at home while receiving needed care. Women affected by addiction often face different recovery issues than men. For this reason, specialized women’s outpatient treatment may prove essential. Keep reading to learn more about how to spot…

two women are happy to celebrate national recovery month

September Is National Recovery Month

Looking for women’s treatment in Colorado? Now is the time. Every September, addiction and mental health advocates honor National Recovery Month. The goal of this month-long observance is to increase awareness of substance problems and mental illness as treatable health conditions. No matter where you live, you can get help and recover your sense of…

a person is able to overcome their trauma

Ways to Overcome Past Traumas

For a significant number of women, substance addiction goes hand in hand with a personal history of trauma. Women are more likely than men to go through certain kinds of traumatic experiences. In recovery, women may also have different treatment needs. The right trauma treatment program makes it possible for you to overcome trauma and…

a woman struggles with a sleeping pill addiction

When Taking Sleeping Pills Turns Into Abuse

Sleeping pills are some of the most widely used medications in America. For many people, they provide relief from insomnia or other sleep issues. However, far too often, the beneficial use of these medications turns into an addiction. By knowing how problems develop, you increase the odds that you will remain unaffected. This means that…

a woman is happy she looked into sober living houses

3 Benefits of a Gender-Specific Sober Living Home

Sober living houses are substance-free residences designed to support drug and alcohol abstinence. The stable environment they provide may be critical to your success during recovery. Some sober living houses are co-ed. However, today, awareness of the benefits of gender-specific residences is growing. Keep reading to learn the three main benefits of women’s sober living.…

a woman gets support in her mental health rehab

Supporting a Loved One in Mental Health Rehab

In the U.S., roughly 10 million people suffer from severe mental illnesses, including millions of women. As a rule, the effects of mental illness are not limited to a single person. Instead, they also impact friends, family, and other loved ones. Support from loved ones is often vital to effective mental health treatment. How can…

a woman is pleased with denver women's recovery

Positive Qualities of a Denver Women’s Recovery Center

In the Denver area, there is a range of options for addiction and mental health treatment. However, not all providers offer the same level of care. In order to find women’s treatment that’s right for you, you must understand what makes a program exceptional. With this information on your side, your chances of recovery success…