At Women’s Recovery, we are proud to be able to offer three different facilities for substance abuse treatment. We know how important it is for women to find rehab centers that will meet their unique needs. Our clients will find various levels of care at our facilities, and each one is a little different. To take a women’s recovery facility tour, contact us today by calling 833.754.0554.

Denver Women’s Recovery

Denver Women’s Recovery is located at 3801 E. Florida Ave., Ste 650, Denver, Colorado 80210. We have taken great care to create a treatment environment that is free from distractions, comfortable, and inviting.

When you go to the women’s recovery facility tour at Denver Women’s Recovery, you’ll find all of the following:

  • Our front desk and sitting area – This is what our clients see the moment they walk through the door. This is where they’ll complete their paperwork and where they’ll spend a lot of time relaxing.
  • Our medical office – At Women’s Recovery, we know that many of our clients have medical needs. Rather than have them get treatment elsewhere, we can take care of many issues right here.
  • Our admissions office – This is where our clients meet with our Women’s Recovery staff prior to admission. Our staff will ask them a series of questions, which help to determine what goes into their treatment plan.
  • Five one-on-one therapy offices – We have several therapy offices for our therapists. Our clients are assigned to one that we believe will meet their needs the best.
  • Recovery coaching and case management office – This office offers support to clients who need it for any number of reasons.
  • Our neurofeedback office – Neurofeedback services are a relatively new form of treatment we are able to offer at Denver Women’s Recovery. Clients who need this type of care will visit this office many times.
  • Two group therapy rooms – Group therapy is extremely important for women in substance abuse recovery. Our group therapy rooms seat 12 people, which allows for smaller, more intimate groups to meet and connect.
  • Our common area – We believe that recovery is hard work, but relaxation should always be a part of it. Our common area has two couches where our clients can sit and journal, reflect, or socially connect with other clients.
  • Our coffee bar – It is always nice to have some refreshments, and our coffee bar offers hot tea and access to our Keurig coffee maker.
  • Our kitchen area – This is another area where clients often gather to enjoy snacks together or just talk.
  • Our group room – We have a group room with a television, and our clients enjoy being to kick back, relax, and watch something they enjoy.

Summit Women’s Recovery

When you take a women’s recovery facility tour at Summit Women’s Recovery facility is located at 330 Fielder Ave., #103, Dillon, Colorado 80535. This is our newest program, and our treatment center has many modern conveniences that others do not.

At Summit Women’s Recovery, our clients will find:

  • A beautiful lobby and sitting area – We try to always make sure there is a smiling face there to greet our clients as they walk through the door. This is a place to relax with other clients, and it is also the first part of our facility that people see.
  • One-on-one therapist offices – We have two therapists’ offices at our Summit facility. This program is quite small, which was a decision that was made on purpose. We want our clients to feel connected to their therapists.
  • Our group therapy room – It is so important for our clients to be able to share their experiences with groups of their peers. Our group therapy room is where these sessions take place on a regular basis.
  • Our group TV room – This facility has one room with a television, and it is the perfect spot to spend a few moments watching a favorite show. This is also the place where clients flock to talk with their peers in a non-treatment setting.
  • Our coffee bar – No recovery program is complete without coffee, and our coffee bar stays nice and stocked. Our clients feel free to help themselves, and they appreciate the refreshments.

Our Recovery Housing Facility in Denver

While there are many women with stable and supportive families at home, not all of our clients fit into that category. These women often need a much higher level of care that cannot be done well in an outpatient setting. Our recovery housing facility in Denver provides them with the added support they need.

At our recovery housing facility in Denver, our clients can expect to see:

  • Our bedrooms – We have four bedrooms with two beds and a bathroom in each one. We also have one bedroom that only has one bed, and another with one bed and a private bathroom. Each room also has its own balcony. These areas are cozy and inviting. They also offer a degree of privacy.
  • Our secure medication room and office – Many of the women we work with are on medications, which must be taken at specific times each day. We keep their medications locked away safely and ensure that our clients get the appropriate doses.
  • Our grand foyer – Our grand foyer is there to welcome our clients when they arrive. It is spacious, beautiful, and modern.
  • Our kitchens – Our residents get the benefit of gorgeous, fully-functional kitchens on the main floor and on the basement floor of our facility. We also have a lovely breakfast bar and a large dining table that seats eight people.
  • Our movie theater – One of our clients’ favorite spots in our facility is our movie theater. It comes complete with recliners and other comfortable seating options. It is a great place to kick back and get lost in a favorite film.
  • Our meditation room – It can be helpful to get away from it all and meditate or pray. That is why we knew it was important to include a meditation room. This is a quiet space that can help women settle and calm their minds.