road to relapse

The Road to Relapse

The thought of relapse can be one of the scariest parts of recovery.  However, a relapse doesn’t have to be part of your recovery story.  Typically, the relapse behaviors and thoughts start far before the actual use.  Here is some insight that hopefully can keep you off the road to relapse and continuing down the…

a woman is happy about being a sober woman

5 Wonderful Things About Being A Sober Woman

At Women’s Recovery, we’re committed to the health and recovery of each woman in our program. We offer a wide array of treatment options, each of which we can tailor to your unique needs. Read through the wonderful things about being sober, then contact our treatment programs today at 833.754.0554. Meet Faith, A Grateful Addict…

a woman incorporates running into her self care routine

5 Ways to Incorporate Self Care Into Your Everyday Routine

When people struggle with addiction, they quickly find that their self-care habits quickly fade quickly. They no longer dress their best or eat healthy meals. In addition, their sleeping schedules can be erratic at best and non-existent at worst. However, during the recovery process, it’s critical to incorporate self-care practices into your day-to-day routines. At…

a couple smiles while dating and sober

Dating Sober: How Courtship Changes (And Improves) in Recovery

Courtship changes and improves in recovery, but navigating the process can be a daunting task. You should know upfront that dating can be a complicated endeavor for people with sobriety. This is because matters of the heart are quite complicated, especially when recovery is involved. Nevertheless, finding a romantic sober relationship can be very rewarding.…

a doctor explains which drugs require a medically induced detox

Four Drugs That Require Medically Supervised Detox

There are certain drugs you can stop taking on your own without going through a medically supervised detox. Drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and even methamphetamines do not require that you undergo a medical detox to kick your habit. Sure, quitting any one of these drugs is sure to be uncomfortable and guaranteed to make you…