group getting women's treatmentWhen a woman battles with substance abuse, she faces very different challenges than a man does. As a result, a women’s treatment center ought to help her overcome those challenges, rather than treating her with the same methods as they would a man. At Women’s Recovery, we strive to help women using a wide array of treatment methods to help her face the challenges of substance abuse. Our women’s substance abuse treatment program provides the tools you need to put an end to your substance usage. To learn more about the advantages of treatment at Women’s Recovery, contact us today by calling 833.754.0554.

Women’s Substance Abuse Treatment

At Women’s Recovery, our women’s substance abuse treatment program offers a wide array of therapy options to help you overcome substance abuse. A few of the therapy options we offer include:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, is an integral part of our treatment program. During this therapy program, our clinical staff will help you identify problematic thought, emotion, and behavioral processes. Then, we’ll work with you to replace those adverse thought processes with healthy ones, leading to beneficial change. Research has shown that CBT is not only useful in treating women with substance abuse disorders, but it is also helpful in treating mental health conditions at our mental health treatment program, such as depression and anxiety. As a result, we also often use CBT in our women’s dual diagnosis treatment.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is an offshoot of CBT. It can show women how to focus on changing things that they can influence while accepting those that they can’t. DBT offers a wide range of benefits for women, including:

  • Teaching women how to cope with distress rather than turning to drugs and alcohol to escape
  • Improving their ability to communicate with the people around them
  • Increasing their ability to trust other people by working with a trained therapist
  • Encouraging mindfulness
  • Encouraging an optimistic attitude
  • DBT empowers women to acknowledge their present circumstances and accept it rather than fighting it to change


EMDR therapy is especially useful in our women’s dual diagnosis treatment program, particularly for women who are dealing with trauma. While your therapist asks you to use your eyes to follow their hand movements, you’ll reflect on your past. Doing so helps you to reprocess negative memories. This treatment allows women to reprocess memories of sexual assault or combat service. In combination with cognitive-behavioral therapy and other treatment methods, EMDR and our trauma treatment program can help you come to terms with your past, so that you can move forward into the future.

Love and Logic

The love and logic portion of our women’s substance abuse treatment program is ideal for mothers. During this training, you’ll learn how to deal with less stress while helping your child learn how to survive and thrive in the world today. Through this lesson, you’ll learn how to accept your perceived failures with love and empathy, and that you’re allowed to make your own choices while the cost of such failure is small. You can apply these lessons both in your own life and as you parent your children.

Mindfulness Practices

In 2018, a study from the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that mindfulness practices as part of a women’s substance abuse treatment program could be extremely beneficial. Through mindfulness, you can identify and cope with internal emotional signals, allowing you to regulate your emotions and respond in a more healthy way. Mindfulness encompasses a wide array of treatment options, such as:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Deep breathing

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At Women’s Recovery, our goal is to empower women to overcome substance use. Our Women’s Recovery staff use a wide array of effective therapy options, including those above, to do that. To learn more about our women’s substance abuse treatment program, contact Women’s Recovery at 833.754.0554 today.