woman asking what is an IOP?In some cases, substance abuse does not require treatment from an inpatient program. Each instance of substance use is unique, and, consequently, each requires an intervention tailored to the needs of the individual. A careful assessment from a women’s addiction treatment center is vital in determining what level of care is right for each patient. For some women, residential treatment is an essential part of their recovery plan. However, if you’re struggling with a mild substance use disorder, you may benefit from an intensive outpatient program. Upon hearing this phrase, many people wonder, “What is an intensive outpatient program, or IOP?” At Women’s Recovery, we can give you the answer to that question and many more. Contact us today at 833.754.0554 for information on our IOP treatment and other unique women’s addiction treatment options.

Use, Misuse, and Abuse of Substances

In many cases, a person may use illicit or controlled substances recreationally. For instance, a woman may go out for drinks with friends or to a party involving certain drugs; in both cases, the woman is just looking for a good time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for the adverse effects of these substances to take control. For example, alcohol is one of the most common sources of substance use disorder. It is legal, readily available, and culturally associated with many events. Weddings, Super Bowl parties, after-work happy hours, regular girls’ night outings – alcohol is expected and even encouraged.

Another condition that often overtakes individuals is substance misuse. This term refers to using substances for purposes that aren’t consistent with medical or legal guidelines. In many cases, drug misuse refers to a person using prescription medications. The person may be taking more than their doctor prescribed or taking a medication that a doctor prescribed to someone else. Party drugs like ecstasy or cocaine are also often misused because they get folded in with the accepted use of alcohol and become normalized as part of the regular experience of socializing despite the increased risks of dependency and risks to health and well-being. In many cases, misuse leads to abuse.

When your use or misuse begins impairing your ability to function in everyday life, you may struggle with abuse. If you have a substance abuse condition, getting treatment as soon as possible at a women’s treatment center, such as Women’s Recovery, is vital.

What Is an IOP?

An intensive outpatient program, or IOP, offers substance abuse treatment on your terms. In this treatment, our clinicians provide post-detox treatments and therapies to help guide women through the early parts of recovery. IOP allows you to rebuild life skills and begin your recovery without any major disruptions to your schedule. IOP is the best option for individuals who do not need or cannot attend residential treatment.

Early Intervention

As soon as you understand that you may be battling a substance use disorder, our women’s treatment program is available to you. Using our IOP treatment as an early intervention approach can be effective with our team of experts beside you. Our treatment program offers a variety of unique benefits, including:

  • Trauma-informed care to assist individuals in emotional crisis who are struggling to function at home, work, or in relationships
  • Community-based treatment to allow you to connect with other women who are walking the same path as you are
  • Women-centric treatment, giving you the tools to overcome obstacles that only women face
  • Dual diagnosis treatment, which addresses underlying mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, alongside substance use

With the help of our intensive outpatient program, you can get the extra care and support you need in the early stages of recovery. At the same time, you can continue to work, care for your family, and attend school.

Signs that an IOP May Be Beneficial

There are many signs that an IOP treatment option may benefit you. For instance:

  • You’ve already completed a residential or partial hospitalization treatment program
  • You suffer from a less severe substance use disorder
  • You’re not able to commit to attending a residential treatment program
  • You are willing and able to follow a treatment program
  • You have a reliable support network at home
  • You’re looking for reintegration and community support options

When you contact our Women’s Recovery staff, you’ll find a caring and compassionate team of women who want to support you in your recovery. We are a trauma-integrated substance abuse treatment program committed to helping women in their desire to heal from trauma and mental health conditions that have led to substance abuse. We use evidence-based therapies to assist you in your recovery goals.

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