two women hugging after asking does your loved one have a prescription drug addiction

Does Your Loved One Have a Prescription Drug Addiction?

Loving someone who has a prescription drug addiction can be difficult. It is painful to watch your loved one slip further and further into their addiction. You might feel overwhelmed, angry, sad, or hopeless. Unfortunately, people who struggle with prescription drug addiction may not recognize their own problems or find the help they need to…

young woman sleeping peacefully in bed after learning how to fall asleep while being sober

How to Naturally Fall Asleep While Being Sober

A common issue for newly sober people and one of the most common withdrawal symptoms for alcoholics is the inability to sleep without alcohol. Additionally, other symptoms of alcohol addiction recovery can play a part in reduced sleep. The sweating, cold chills, and aches can all wreak havoc on getting a peaceful night’s sleep. Lack…

Woman looking in mirror and thinking that she needs body image treatment

What’s the Connection Between Addiction and Body Image?

Images of air-brushed models and smiling movie stars surround us daily. People see them in magazines, on TV, and even on the cover of their favorite romance novels. Because of this bombardment of fake images, individuals don’t seem to notice how these images hurt them. With the help of addiction and body image treatment, you…