person comforting woman seated on bed telling her about trans women addiction resources

Trans Women Addiction Resources

Transgender women face significant obstacles when seeking help for addiction. These obstacles can make it harder to find any form of treatment at all. They can also make it harder to get the additional support often needed by trans women. For these reasons, readily available addiction recovery resources are of crucial benefit. Resources of this…

young woman with pained expression experiencing loperamide side effects

Loperamide Side Effects

Have you heard about addicts turning to anti-diarrhea drugs if they can’t get their hands on painkillers? If so, you may also have heard of loperamide. Some people refer to this medication as a poor man’s methadone due to its low cost and easy availability. Methadone has a proven place in opioid addiction treatment programs.…

woman talking to therapist in a drug and alcohol rehab for trans women

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Trans Women

Compared to the general U.S. population, transgender women are far more likely to have serious substance problems. The same holds true for the wider LGBTQ+ community. People in these two groups may have difficulty finding quality drug and alcohol rehab for various reasons. Still, effective treatment is available in programs that consider trans and LGBTQ+…

young woman sitting on couch and smiling while enjoying sober living in denver

Enjoying Sober Living in Denver

When you complete your Denver-area substance treatment, you may not feel quite ready to restart your everyday routine. Instead, you’d prefer some extra support as you make this crucial transition. A sober living program may be the perfect option in these kinds of circumstances. Why? This kind of program provides the time and resources needed…

young person staring out window wondering what is a loperamide high

What Is a Loperamide High

Loperamide is a medication available by prescription and over-the-counter, or OTC. Both versions of the medication are designed as treatments for diarrhea. When used in excessive amounts, loperamide can trigger the onset of euphoria. This powerful form of pleasure is the hallmark of a drug high. Unfortunately, excessive use can also lead to loperamide dependence.…

two women hugging after seeking 3 traits to look for in an alcohol recovery program and finding them

3 Traits to Look For in an Alcohol Recovery Program

There is an ongoing need for effective drug and alcohol rehab programs no matter where you live. That’s true because tens of millions of Americans have some kind of serious substance problem. Alcohol problems are especially common. If you’re one of the many women affected by alcohol addiction, help is available. However, to get that…