hormonal shifts

Hormonal Shifts Throughout a Woman’s Life Cycle: How it plays into mental health and addiction

“There’s epidemiological data that says women are more vulnerable, but it’s unclear what the factors are. We know they transition to addiction faster and have more problems with craving and relapse. Now, with research like this, we’re beginning to isolate environmental and physiological causes.” ~ Erin Calipari, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Vanderbilt Center for Addiction…

telescoping effect

The Telescoping Effect: An Expert Perspective on Gender Gaps in Drug and Alcohol Treatment

There are many gender differences in addiction, something that is being studied at greater length now. One of the clearest examples of the gender gap in addiction can be found in what is known as telescoping. It has been found to be more prevalent in women, putting them at high risk for developing addiction quickly. …

a woman accepts the need for from opioid addiction treatment

8 Actions to Take to Recover From Opioid Addiction

“Sometimes, it is difficult to recognize when something turns from a medication to a drug. A women’s initial reason for taking opiates could be medically warranted; however, these medications have a way of working themselves into the fabric of our lives and becoming a necessity just to function. Being open to hearing this feedback takes…