a woman wants to know the drug withdrawal timeline

Drug Withdrawal Timelines for Various Substances

Any mind-altering drug can cause withdrawals, from nicotine or caffeine to heroin or meth. The withdrawal symptoms experienced during detox often keep people from quitting these substances, whether it’s cutting out coffee or putting down the pipe. Withdrawals from alcohol, heroin, or meth are obviously much more excruciating than those of caffeine or nicotine. People…

someone realizes the power of meditation for women

The Power of Meditation And Healthy Habits For Women

The road to recovery is different for each person. However, for many women in our treatment programs, mindfulness is a critical component of the healing process. It allows our ladies to focus on the present, rather than the shame of the past or fear of the future. If you believe that mindfulness could support your…

a woman contemplates substance abuse treatment

Seven Of the Most Commonly Abused Substances Women Use in Colorado

Women in Colorado who are involved in substance abuse are typically using these seven substances. While alcohol is the most commonly used substance in Colorado, marijuana comes in at a close second. Heroin and other opioid indicators ranked high as well and are seeing an increase year after year. Women who use or abuse the…