woman researching on laptop for information on choosing the right opioid addiction treatment center

Choosing the Right Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

Serious problems with opioid drugs and medications are growing more and more common across the U.S. Whether you’re affected by damaging, non-addicted abuse or outright opioid addiction, proper treatment can help you recover. However, you must choose your addiction rehab facility carefully. The quality of the program you enter directly impacts your chances of reaching…

woman outside in sunshine with family talking about an alcohol and addiction treatment center

Mothers Making a Change Against Addiction and Alcohol

For decades, women in the U.S. have been consuming alcohol in heavier and heavier amounts. Today women in some age groups actually drink excessively more often than men. These facts help explain the extent of alcoholism in women. They also help explain why mothers and other women often need alcoholism treatment. Are you affected by…

bipolar disorder and addiction

How Bipolar Disorder Is Connected With Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that causes a person’s mind to shift. This affects your mood and energy levels. It becomes challenging to carry out daily responsibilities and causes problems with relationships of every nature. Also known as manic-depressive illness, it is a genetic disease. Moods can be highly elevated, where you’ll feel incredibly…

what to expect in a vivitrol program

What to Expect in a Vivitrol Program

If you’re affected by opioid or alcohol addiction, medication typically forms part of your treatment plan. Several medications are available for both forms of addiction. Each option serves its own purpose in supporting your recovery. One commonly used option is Vivitrol. This is a brand-name version of the opioid blocker naltrexone. A Vivitrol treatment program…