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Behavior Modification: How Well Does This Therapeutic Approach Work for Those Seeking Addiction Recovery?

Formerly known as behavior analysis, behavior modification is a kind of psychotherapy that can be used during addiction recovery. It compliments other therapies because it addresses certain aspects of addiction that other therapies don’t. Also known as behavior therapy, it helps to reduce or get rid of negative behaviors through conditioning techniques that help a…

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MAT Options: The Anti-Addiction Medications You Need to Know

“(Anti-addiction medications) have been proven as the gold standard for really helping people recover… That makes a huge difference in folks coming forward and looking for treatment.” ~ Marlies Perez, Division Chief, Substance Use Disorder Compliance Division, California Department of Health Care Services The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse reports that more than…

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Women’s Recovery Team Building 2019

Team building exercises are important for any business to maintain effective communication, stay focused, and deepen the connection between co-workers. For these reasons, Women’s Recovery staff came together for a fun team-building event this week. Here are some of the highlights: Top 3 Reasons for Team Building Communication Communication outside the workplace can help increase…