young woman smiling and walking on beach realizing the importance of womens addiction treatment

The Importance of Women’s Addiction Treatment

There are plenty of addiction resources online for those struggling with addiction. Many people can quickly learn about the different types of addiction treatment programs available in their area, including inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment centers. For women, a dedicated women’s addiction treatment program offers the best chance of a successful recovery. Creating effective women’s drug…

woman sitting on her bed lost in thought as she attempts to understand the symptoms for alcohol withdrawal in women

Understanding The Symptoms for Alcohol Withdrawal in Women

Alcohol withdrawal affects everyone differently. The withdrawal of alcohol depends on how long the drinking problem has occurred and how much alcohol has been consumed. Alcohol withdrawal in women can manifest differently than in men. The withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe for both men and women, but when they are severe, they…

woman looking relaxed and content in the knowledge of 8 benefits of a sober living program for women

8 Benefits of a Sober Living Program for Women

Seeking treatment for a substance use disorder, whether drugs or alcohol, is one of the most important steps a person can take in attaining a life of recovery. At Women’s Recovery, we understand that the recovery journey is challenging, and everyone walks that path in their own way. That is why we offer a sober…

young woman looking concerned and holding her head in her hands as she attempts to determine what are the signs and effects of date rape drugs

What Are the Signs & Effects of Date Rape Drugs?

Date rape is the term for a rape committed by someone you know instead of a stranger. A significant percentage of people, especially women, have experienced this kind of sexual attack. Many times, drugs are used to facilitate date rape. Because of this phenomenon, those drugs are often known as date rape drugs. How can…

two women smiling and hugging outdoors on a sunny day in the park channeling the 5 divine feminine traits for women

5 Divine Feminine Traits for Women

The power of divine feminine energy can be seen in many forms throughout history—so much so that we even celebrate Women’s History Month in February. But what does the divine spiritual feminine have to do with mental health treatment? Call 833.754.0554 to speak with someone from the caring and compassionate staff at Women’s Recovery about…

anxious young woman sitting on couch alone wondering about the difference between adderall and meth addiction

The Difference Between Adderall and Meth Addiction

For many Americans, Adderall and meth are two very different drugs. One is an FDA-approved and tested medication for those with ADHD that has allowed millions to focus, excel in work, school, or other pursuits, and ultimately thrive. Meth is a growing public health crisis in the United States as the illicit drug destroys communities…