a woman deals with the effects of ativan addiction

Physical Effects of Ativan Addiction in Women

Ativan is the brand name for a generic medication called lorazepam. This medication is widely prescribed throughout the U.S. For a number of reasons, women make up a large percentage of people who take Ativan. This medication can provide essential benefits. However, if abused, it can also harm your physical health. Are you affected by…

a woman struggles with an eating disorder during the holidays

How to Cope with an Eating Disorder During the Holidays

If you are in recovery from an eating disorder, holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas can present endless triggers, causing you to relapse. One of the best things you can do is seek women’s eating disorder treatment during holidays. Eating disorder treatment offers various programs that help you stay on track and maintain your recovery…

nutrient therapy for women program in CO

What You Will Learn in Nutrient Therapy

Researchers are well aware that people affected by addiction often develop significant nutritional problems. They also know that certain preexisting nutritional issues may increase your chances of becoming addicted. However, until recent years, most substance rehabs did not offer a nutrient therapy program. This kind of program can support your recovery in several ways. That…

a woman keeps sobriety on thanksgiving

3 Tips for Maintaining Sobriety on Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, many women in recovery face an important question. How can they maintain their sobriety on this festive day? After all, alcohol is traditionally an important part of many holidays, including Thanksgiving. By planning in advance, you can make the goal of staying sober much easier to achieve. A few women’s sober…

two women talk about the benefits of neurotherapy

Benefits of Seeking Neurofeedback Treatment

A number of modern treatment options can be used to help you recover from addiction or mental health issues. One such option is neurofeedback therapy, also known as neurotherapy. With help from this therapy, you can learn how to change thoughts and emotional responses that support addiction. This means that a neurofeedback treatment program may…

women get support in a women's alcohol rehab

Gender-Specific Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

Anyone who drinks heavy amounts of alcohol runs a risk for serious problems with abuse and addiction. However, women who drink have different levels of risk than men who drink. These gender-related differences impact women in a variety of ways. That impact may include a need for treatment in a women’s alcohol rehab center. At…

a woman is addicted to painkillers

Are You Quietly Addicted to Painkillers?

Almost 10 million Americans abuse pain medications every year. Included in this figure are millions of women. In addition, more than 10% of Americans develop diagnosable cases of painkiller abuse or addiction. Whether you know it or not, you may be included among those who are affected. If so, you need help from a painkiller…