young person staring out window wondering what is a loperamide high

What Is a Loperamide High

Loperamide is a medication available by prescription and over-the-counter, or OTC. Both versions of the medication are designed as treatments for diarrhea. When used in excessive amounts, loperamide can trigger the onset of euphoria. This powerful form of pleasure is the hallmark of a drug high. Unfortunately, excessive use can also lead to loperamide dependence.…

two women hugging after seeking 3 traits to look for in an alcohol recovery program and finding them

3 Traits to Look For in an Alcohol Recovery Program

There is an ongoing need for effective drug and alcohol rehab programs no matter where you live. That’s true because tens of millions of Americans have some kind of serious substance problem. Alcohol problems are especially common. If you’re one of the many women affected by alcohol addiction, help is available. However, to get that…

therapist telling young woman what to expect in an alcohol rehab center

What to Expect in an Alcohol Rehab Center

Drug and alcohol rehab programs are essential resources for effective recovery from substance addiction. That’s true because they provide the specialized treatment needed to get and stay sober. Today, increasing numbers of women drink alcohol in excessive amounts. This fact helps explain why many women need the targeted care provided by an alcohol rehab center.…

woman researching on laptop for information on choosing the right opioid addiction treatment center

Choosing the Right Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

Serious problems with opioid drugs and medications are growing more and more common across the U.S. Whether you’re affected by damaging, non-addicted abuse or outright opioid addiction, proper treatment can help you recover. However, you must choose your addiction rehab facility carefully. The quality of the program you enter directly impacts your chances of reaching…

woman outside in sunshine with family talking about an alcohol and addiction treatment center

Mothers Making a Change Against Addiction and Alcohol

For decades, women in the U.S. have been consuming alcohol in heavier and heavier amounts. Today women in some age groups actually drink excessively more often than men. These facts help explain the extent of alcoholism in women. They also help explain why mothers and other women often need alcoholism treatment. Are you affected by…

sad woman sitting on couch in low-lit room thinking about date rape drugs

Signs and Effects of Date Rape Drugs

Date rape is the term for a rape committed by someone you know instead of a stranger. A significant percentage of people, especially women, have experienced this kind of sexual attack. Many times, drugs are used to facilitate date rape. Because of this phenomenon, those drugs are often known as date rape drugs. How can…

depression and alcohol affecting woman staring blankly at a wall

When Depression Meets Alcohol

Depression is America’s single most common mental health disorder. Alcohol use disorder is the nation’s most common serious substance problem. Given these facts, it’s not surprising that depression and alcoholism frequently overlap. Unfortunately, the result can be more severe than depression or alcoholism alone when this happens. If you’re affected by both conditions, you need…