close up of young woman sitting at home with a serious expression as she considers one of 5 strategies for women to help manage stress

5 Strategies for Women to Help Manage Stress

If you’re a woman, there’s a good chance that you at least occasionally feel thoroughly stressed out. That’s true, in part, because life is typically stressful for all adults. It’s also true because women must often deal with sources of stress not as familiar to men. Ultimately, unrelieved exposure to stressful situations can leave you…

therapist explaining to female client why blacking out from alcohol as a female is dangerous

Why Blacking Out from Alcohol as a Female Is Dangerous

When you seek women’s alcohol addiction treatment, you gain access to a wide range of gender-specific health benefits. Many of these benefits center on the relief of your alcoholism symptoms. However, effective treatment can also protect you from other forms of drinking-related harm. One such harm is consuming enough alcohol to experience a blackout. For…

two women seated on couch in a home discuss their experiences at a behavioral health daily treatment program for women

Women’s Daily Treatment Program

At Women’s Recovery, we understand that women have unique experiences and needs. In our women’s daily treatment program, we strive to provide a safe and supportive environment where women can heal and recover from substance use and trauma. Our women’s daily treatment services in Colorado are designed to provide intensive support and therapy for women…

A young woman wondering if she has a cocaine addiction

Are Women More Likely to Develop Cocaine Addiction?

Substance use disorders are common in the United States. Millions of people struggle with addiction and require treatment to overcome it. Cocaine is one of the most commonly abused drugs, and many people enter women’s cocaine addiction treatment to rid themselves of their dependence on it. As people learn more about the way addictions form, we…

Woman thinking about the side effects of cocaine abuse

The Dangerous Side Effects of Cocaine Abuse

More than five million Americans use the stimulant drug cocaine at least once every year. More than 20% of these people are affected by addiction or severe, non-addicted abuse. Whether addicted or not, all cocaine users run the risk of experiencing a range of side effects. Many of these effects occur equally as often in…