Health Fair Mission

Women’s Health Fair aims to reduce stigma with education and awareness while increasing access for low-income populations to health and wellness providers and resources.

Health Fair Vision

Women’s Health Fair will reach women in Colorado and provide resources and education to those without steady access on an annual basis.


Screen + Refer + Educate on Physical Health, Mental Health, Substance Use, Trauma, Domestive Violence


  1. Experiential Services
  2. Mental Health Screenings
  3. Physical Health Screenings
  4. Referrals to Providers


  1. Improve outcomes with prevention and early intervention.
  2. Early identification of medical illness
  3. Reduce stigma
  4. Eliminate barriers to heath care


Educating and empowering women to heal.

Core Values


Tenacious Care





We show up and never give up

We are a band of badass feminists

We are thought leaders making it work

We are a collaborative, inclusive tribe

We guide women through awakening

We are a tenacious, woman-centric, ingenious community for empowered women.

Khesed Welness

Khesed Wellness believes everyone deserves access to quality mental health and wellness services at a rate they can afford. Across our 12 sites throughout the Greater Denver Area, KHESED provides outpatient mental health services for $60 per session, from a team of clinicians with a variety of expertise and speciality. We offer 10% of our services pro bono to those who are unable to resource this rate, and return all inquiries within two business days to eliminate the long wait times that can become a barrier to care.

Services provided:
Affordable outpatient mental health therapy; a variety of pro bono programs (including: pro bono services through our 10% of services general program, pro bono services to workers who have been displaced because of COVID-19, pro bono services to restaurant/bar workers who have been displaced because of COVID-19, and pro bono services to LGBTQ+ individuals living in Denver who have experienced significant disruption because of COVID-19); support groups; and reiki services.

*All services are currently virtual due to social distancing guidelines.

Face It Together

Face It TOGETHER is an addiction wellness nonprofit that provides peer coaching to those impacted by addiction, including loved ones. Established in 2009, the organization coaches members in more than 20 states.

Services provided: Professional peer coaching in person, over the phone or via secure video. Support is also available for loved ones of those with the disease. Coaching is effective, flexible and nonjudgmental.

Wings Foundation

WINGS’ mission is to break the cycle and heal the wounds of childhood sexual abuse by providing education, advocacy and support to adult survivors, loved ones, providers and communities. We do this by offering referrals to qualified therapists, training and education, and therapist-facilitated support groups virtually and in a number of confidential locations in Colorado for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their loved ones. Our program serves anyone who is 18 and older.
Services provided:

Support groups for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and loved ones of survivors, referrals to qualified trauma therapists and other community resources