Women’s Recovery and COVID-19

2020-03-26T21:46:31+00:00March 25th, 2020|Addiction Information|

Treatment is not unnecessary social interaction, we together are battling a disease that needs social support, community engagement and therapy to remain in remission. The anxiety and fear, the response we have toward COVID-19, is a healthy response to the pandemic in around us and intentional self care can help us through it. Women's Recovery encourages you to stay connected and create routine amidst the chaos and reminds you to feed your spirit by promoting creativity. We [...]


Codependency: The Warped Relationship that Feeds Addiction

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On one hand, addiction is a lonely disease that can eventually isolate substance abusers from their family and friends. But even before that happens, the consequences of problematic drinking and drug use will affect everyone around the addict - warping personal relationships, creating distance between loved ones, hampering close attachments, and destroying trust. “A codependent person is one who has let another person’s behavior affect him or her and who is obsessed with controlling that [...]


International Women’s Day: Celebrating Inspiring Women in Recovery

2020-03-09T15:24:18+00:00March 8th, 2020|Gender-specific treatment, Recovery|

Celebrating Women in Recovery In the spirit of women on International Women’s Day, we thought we’d give accolades to females in recovery. Also, to the women that have been so supportive and inspiring to others who are going through the beginning stages of recovery. It takes a lot for a recovering addict to admit they have a problem and then care enough to get the help they need.  These women are courageous and truly an [...]


How Can I Help My Addicted Wife or Mom?

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If you have a mom or wife with an addiction, she may need your support in making the decision to go to rehab. Most addicts are unwilling to accept that their life has become unmanageable. They don’t recognize that they have become dependent on alcohol and/or drugs. Living with a drug addicted or alcoholic mom or wife can create such strain in your home life, it’s hard to cope with your life outside of it.  [...]


The Dangers of and Risks of Heroin Addiction in Women

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One of the most dangerous addictions is heroin addiction. In women, heroin addiction is actually quite common. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, heroin overdoses in women have tripled. Between 2010 and 2013, female heroin overdoses went from .04 to 1.2 for every 100,00 people. This statistic is quite terrifying. However, it certainly speaks to the fact that there is a serious heroin epidemic in the United States. Women are not immune to [...]


Addiction Rehab in Denver: Levels of Care Explained

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You Know Help is Needed - Now You Need to Know the Options You’re either reading this because you are looking for support or someone you care about is. Finding the right Denver, Colorado treatment center will make all the difference in your recovery success. It’s important that you explore your options when it comes to addiction treatment in Denver. This is why we’ve laid out what your options are here with some helpful tips. [...]


I Used CBD and Tested Positive for THC – Did I Relapse?

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"Those in recovery are asked to refrain from using mind/mood altering substances. CBD is still considered a substance; a drug. Even if it is legal – like alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine or opiates, it is not optimal for recovery." ~ LaTisha L. Bader, Ph.D., LP, LAC, CC-AASP See full Q&A With Dr. LaTisha Bader on CBD A Story of Accidental Relapse CBD is hailed as [...]


Holly Wilson’s Gift of Sobriety – Women’s Recovery

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Holly Wilson founded Women’s Recovery, an alcohol and drug rehab center in Denver and Dillon, Colorado. One of her goals is to help other women reach and maintain sobriety through gender-specific addiction treatment.  Women’s Recovery is led and run by women who have been through similar situations of addiction but are now in recovery. Through their experiences, the staff is able to connect with the clients and assist them in their time of need.  In [...]


Demi Moore: Her Journey of Addiction, Codependency, Relapse, and Recovery

2020-01-13T16:17:18+00:00December 23rd, 2019|Recovery|

DISCLAIMER: Demi Moore and her family have publicly discussed her struggles with substance abuse at length, in interviews and in her recent autobiography Inside Out. Here, we will look at possible factors that may have played a role. More importantly, we will look at what we can all learn from her story. Demi Moore is Hollywood royalty.  To begin with, she has had a long and successful career as an actress and film producer in [...]


Ativan Addiction: How women get hooked on Lorazepam and how to recover successfully.

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Ativan addiction is more prevalent among women than you may think and it makes sense based on the stress and anxiety many women face. New data suggests that one in five women is taking a benzodiazepine for anxiety and other mental health issues. In this article, we will discuss the risks associated with taking this prescription medication and provide helpful information about Lorazepam dependence.   What is Ativan? Ativan is a legal [...]