Denver Women’s Recovery is happy to introduce you to Soberlink, a professional-grade breathalyzer that will assist you in reaching your recovery goals. This is one of the newest alcohol monitoring breathalyzers to hit the market, and it is already being used by both law enforcement agencies and addiction recovery centers.

Denver Women’s Recovery is now a certified Soberlink provider. This means that we can incorporate this technology into your alcohol addiction treatment plan. This device can hold you accountable for your addiction recovery goals and help you stay on the path to sobriety.

Learn more about Soberlink and how it can help you achieve your recovery goals below.

What Is Soberlink?

Soberlink is a professional-grade alcohol monitoring device. It is a breathalyzer that can detect alcohol use and alcohol use only. As a result, it can help alcoholics who are looking to recover from alcoholism or an alcohol use disorder (AUD). Soberlink comes with an online platform that allows addiction experts and loved ones to monitor the recovery journey.

Some interesting and unique features of Soberlink is that it comes with facial recognition software, tamper detection hardware, and real-time reporting. This monitoring system has FDA 501(k) clearance, which means that it has been approved by the FDA.

The internal tamper detection hardware has sensors that will flag any inconsistencies with human breath. Also, the facial recognition software adapts to subtle changes in appearances. When a user submits a test, the device will take his or her picture to verify his or her identity.

How Does Soberlink Work?

This device is incredibly easy to use in comparison to some other machines out there. To use Soberlink, you would need to:

  1. Press the power button to turn on the device
  2. Insert a mouthpiece into the device
  3. Press the submit button and wait for the blue light to flash
  4. Look into the camera and blow for four seconds when prompted
  5. Stop blowing when the device clicks

You will receive your test results within 60 seconds. The results will be automatically uploaded to the online portal. Make sure to only use the Soberlink mouthpiece when using the device. Also, for facial recognition purposes, make sure that you are not wearing any headpieces or accessories, like sunglasses and hats, that might hide your face.

For more information, check out the video below:

Benefits of Using Soberlink

In comparison to other alcohol monitoring systems and tests, Soberlink can offer many clear advantages and beneficial features. Some benefits that are unique to this device include:

  • Real-time results. Addiction experts, the alcoholic and his or her family and friends can easily get real-time results to see how the recovering alcoholic is doing.
  • Advanced reporting. Soberlink can customize and adjust the reporting guidelines and the content of the reports based on each client’s needs.
  • Confirmation of identity with facial recognition software. It’s hard to cheat this testing device because it uses facial recognition software to confirm your identity. You can’t have another family member or friend complete the test for you.
  • Wireless connectivity. Soberlink comes with two device options. There’s a cellular (all-in-one) device and a Bluetooth device.
  • Privacy and discreteness. Many recovering alcoholics may feel a lot of pressure when submitting a test. They may feel as if they will be judged if the results don’t come back negative. If you can relate to this, Soberlink can take a huge load off of your shoulders by offering you a discreet way to test for the presence of alcohol.
  • Convenience. The device and all of its components come in a small kit. You can take this kit with you everywhere. You can keep one in your bag or even in your car.
  • Full-service customer support team and compliance department. If you ever run into any problems while using Soberlink, you can easily reach out to their customer support team and get immediate help or feedback.

Soberlink is able to offer many advantages over other alcohol monitoring devices and systems. Since its inception, this device has become a very useful tool for both recovering alcoholics and addiction experts. This device can also be used in family law cases and in criminal law cases.

How Accurate Are the Results?

Many alcohol users and their family and friends may wonder how accurate this device is. If the device shows that an individual is positive for alcohol, can the results be trusted?

The answer to this question is yes. The validity of the results has been testified and defended in court. This alcohol monitoring system is not only accurate but also reliable. Its accuracy and precision are comparable to other alcohol tests out there.

Soberlink uses a fuel-cell sensor that has a detection range between 0.000% to 0.400% BAC. It has an accuracy level of +/- 0.005 BAC. This means that the results can be trusted.

Any Type of Alcohol Will Be Detected by Soberlink

Soberlink can accurately and easily detect the presence of alcohol. It might be a surprise to some people, but you don’t have to drink to have consumed or ingested alcohol. This ingredient is found in many products like:

  • Antidiarrheals, like Corrective Mixture w/Paregoric 2.0% and Parelixer 18.0%
  • Antiemetic medications, like Dramamine Liquid 5.0%
  • Cough, cold and allergy medicines, like Benylin 5.0% and Robitussin PE 1.4%
  • Foods containing yeast, vinegar, vanilla extract, soy sauce, and kombucha tea
  • Laxatives, like Dr. Caldwell’s Senna Laxative 4.5% and Fletcher’s Castoria 3.5%
  • Mouthwashes, like Dr. Tichener’s 70.0% and Mouthwash & Gargle 14.0%
  • Medications for toothaches, cold sores and canker sores, like Dalidyne 61.0%
  • Painkillers, like Tylenol Extra Strength Liquid & Drops 8.5% and  Valadol 9.0%
  • Vitamins and supplements, like Ce-Vi Drops 5.0% and Zymasyrup 2.0%

For more information on what products contain alcohol, take a look at this list here. Those who have ingested any of the products on that page should take note when submitting a test. It may be best to wait awhile. It’s also a good idea to avoid these products in general when recovering from a drinking problem.

The Difference Between a Certified Provider and the Share Program

If you’ve already heard about Soberlink, then there’s a good chance that you’ve already read information on how it can aid in alcohol addiction recovery or relapse prevention.

In this case, you’ll probably already have heard about the Share Program. Denver Women’s Recovery is a certified provider. There’s a distinct difference between the two.

The Share Program is a program that any clients can use to become more accountable for their recovery. Clients can share their results with people that they’ve added in their Recovery Circle. Those who are in the Recovery Circle will not receive access to Soberlink’s unique web portal, but they will and can receive alerts and reports by email and/or text.

A certified provider is quite different. Certified Providers, like our addiction specialists, will have access to Sober Sky, which is the Soberlink web portal. Here, our experts can control each client’s testing schedule. They can also control who will receive which results. Furthermore, certified providers receive training on the Soberlink System, so they can use it in the most effective manner possible.

Random vs. Scheduled Testing

When setting up the testing schedule for each client, addiction experts can choose between random and scheduled testing. The general consensus for tests like urine tests is that random tests are more useful than scheduled tests.

Soberlink recommends a different approach. Random testing can create a toxic and negative environment and the relationship between both the client and the clinician.

Due to this reason, the experts at Soberlink recommend scheduled testing. The tests are set to a variable Test Window of a duration of either 1-hour, 2-hours, 3-hours or 4-hours. A test can be submitted 15 minutes before the test time to 15 minutes after. Most alcohol rehab facilities will set the testing window to 2 hours. With that said, clients are able to submit a test at any time even if it is not scheduled. These tests will be labeled as ‘unscheduled’ on the web portal.

Before each test, clients can receive a reminder through text message if they’d like. Clients will have to opt-in for this feature. Those who fail to submit a test on time will be flagged by the Soberlink system. An alert will be sent to both the certified provider and any contacts that have been added to the system.

What If the Tests Come Back Positive?

Anyone struggling with alcoholism can attest to the fact that recovery is not easy. Relapses are going to be common. Those who use the Soberlink system may still relapse and drink.

In the event that the tests come back positive, the Soberlink device will ask the client to submit another test in 15 minutes. The device will continue to ask the client to submit a retest for each subsequence test that comes back positive until one of the following has occurred:

  • The client submits a compliant test
  • 3 hours has elapsed

With each positive test, an alert will be sent to the certified provider, as well as the client’s approved contacts. This means that other individuals can quickly see whether the alcoholic has relapsed or not. If he or she failed to abstain from alcohol, friends and family can reach out right away.

Note that alcohol remains in the body for quite some time. Those who have gone off the rails and started binge drinking will likely test positive for several hours.

What’s Included in Advanced Reports?

One of the main benefits that certified providers get is advanced reports. Advanced reporting makes it easy for addiction experts to draw conclusions about each client’s recovery progress. Some of the key highlights and features of advanced reporting include:

  • Easy-to-read test icons that are colored green, yellow or red
  • Summarized test results that show one of three outcomes: compliance, non-compliance and missed
  • Automated daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Calendar view of the testing period
  • Test details organized at the bottom of each page

Clients can ask the rehab facility to send these reports and results to them or their contacts as well. This way, everyone can keep track of the recovery progress. There are no more secrets. It’s almost impossible to hide alcohol use from the Soberlink device. It’ll be very difficult, if not impossible, for clients to cheat on their rehab.

How Soberlink Can Help You and Your Family

Alcohol addiction affects not only the alcoholic but also those who are around them. An addiction to alcohol can strain relationships and break trust. Loved ones may feel as if they can’t believe a single word that comes from the alcoholic. After all, addiction may cause them to lie.

Soberlink stands out from other alcohol monitoring devices because it allows family and friends to also share in the recovery process. They can sign up for email updates to see whether the alcoholic has fallen back into old habits or whether he or she is staying strong and abstaining from liquor.

Family and friends can receive regular email updates to see whether the alcohol abuser has relapsed or not. The reports not only show how consistently the alcoholic has been using the device, but also what their BAC may be if the tests are positive. Since this device has tamper detection hardware and facial recognition software, family and friends can rest assured that the results are accurate.

Soberlink not only helps rebuild trust, but it also provides a peace-of-mind to approved contacts. The reports may even be used in family therapy sessions.

Soberlink Use in Custody Cases

Did you know that Soberlink reports can be used in custody cases? When dealing with the wellbeing of a child, many family courts are hesitant to grant custody to an alcoholic, regardless of whether the alcoholic is the father or the mother. Some states may even hesitate to grant visitation rights.

If you’re fighting for custody and know that your former spouse is going to use your alcoholism against you, you might want to consider using Soberlink.

Recently, some family law attorneys have used Soberlink to help expedite custody cases. They have also used the reports to fight for the best interest of their clients. Past reports may show that clients have been working on their sobriety. They may even show that the clients have been sober for an extended period of time; thus, they should have some custody over their children.

The Soberlink system may also be used to ensure that the recovering alcoholic is sober whenever they spend time with their children. These tests can reduce conflicts between parents and motivate the recovering alcoholic to stay clean. They can also offer objective proof of abstinence, and show that the recovering alcoholic is acting on the best interests of the children.

It’s important to note that there are specific family law plans. There are three different types: basic, plus and premium.

Soberlink Use in Law Enforcement

Soberlink is not only useful in family law cases. It has also been used by law enforcement in probation cases.

Many crimes are committed by people who are under the influence. Alcohol can cause a person to behave erratically and to take more risks. At times, this can lead to some fairly bad decision. Instead of keeping many inmates in jail, Soberlink is helping many convicts get probation, as long as they promise that they’ll stay sober and stay away from alcohol.

“It’s been very effective in getting folks out on pretrial release that are incarcerated and unable to make bail.”

~ Darcy Pitkin, county probation officer.

Soberlink 2 is a mobile breathalyzer. It not only tests the user’s BAC, but it also takes their picture and records their location. The results are then immediately sent to a monitoring center. Those who test positive for alcohol may find themselves back in jail, but those who are able to stay away from liquor get to enjoy their freedom.

This device is not only beneficial for those who are charged with a crime, but it also saves taxpayer dollars. According to the Jefferson County probation departments that currently use this device, the county saves nearly $100 for each day an individual is not in jail.

Currently, Jefferson County uses 6 devices. However, due to the tremendous success that it has seen with the Soberlink 2, it will likely get more.

Soberlink Use in the Workplace

If a workplace requires proof of sobriety, Soberlink can help as well with its Workplace Compliance Program. Companies can sign up for the Soberlink system in order to regularly test their employees. As of this moment, Soberlink has already partnered with many major airlines and physician’s health programs to ensure that those who have safety-sensitive careers are sober. If the stakes are high, it’s crucial for the company to ensure that everyone is accountable.

Verizon and Soberlink

As Soberlink relies on an online platform and system, it relies on the Verizon network. Soberlink provides mobile solutions to alcohol addiction recovery by using Verizon’s tools and infrastructure. Clients can expect their medical records to be secure and protected. They can also take the tests anywhere they want as long as they have wireless connectivity. Learn more about Soberlink’s partnership with Verizon in the video above.

Success Stories

Many people have used the Soberlink system and found that it helped them achieve their sobriety goals. Some of the main praises for this device revolves around the real-time reporting, as well as its convenience. It’s easy for those struggling with alcoholism to stay accountable to their recovery when they incorporate this monitoring system into their treatment plan.

If you’re interested in signing up for this program, it might help you to hear what other people have had to say. Check out the video on the Soberlink Facebook page to get a better idea of what past users have thought about the Soberlink system.

Soberlink Launches Sober Stories

Would you like to read more sober stories? Are you interested in how Soberlink has helped other recovering alcoholics stay on the right path and abstain from drinking?

To explore how this alcohol monitoring system has helped other recovering alcohol abusers achieve their recovery goals, Soberlink has launched Sober Stories. This campaign allows recovering alcohol users anonymously share their stories and experiences. Each story dives into how this device has been beneficial to the recovering addict’s treatment or recovery progress.

Take a look at some of the stories submitted below:

“A Great Head Start

When I started using Soberlink I was going through a rough divorce with a spouse who was trying to get custody of my children. Finding and using Soberlink voluntarily during my divorce process helped ensure that I maintained custody of my children and gave me a great head start on staying sober. If it weren’t for this device my custody battle would have been a lot harder than it was.”

“Visibility is Key

Soberlink has been helpful in allowing me to be accountable to my daughter. The routine of submitting tests gives my family a level of comfort and helps with my efforts to re-establish trust with them. It is a very helpful tool on this road towards recovery.”

“Trust in our Marriage

Soberlink has been a valuable asset to my ongoing sobriety as it adds an extra layer of accountability and has helped rebuild trust in our marriage.”

Get Sober with Denver Women’s Recovery

Soberlink has revolutionized the alcohol addiction recovery industry. The regular testing and real-time reporting provided by this alcohol monitoring device ensure that everyone is on the same page. Recovering alcoholics stay accountable for their recovery. Addiction experts are able to easily see whether clients are on the right path or whether they need more help, and loved ones can feel more secure.

With all these benefits in mind, Denver Women’s Recovery is happy to add the Soberlink system to the list of addiction treatment services that we offer. Anyone who is interested should contact us for more information. Our experts can walk you through how the system works and how it can help you achieve your recovery goals.

What do you think about this device? Are you interested in using it to keep yourself accountable? Would you be willing to use it in order to rebuild trust with loved ones? Let us know in the comments below!