Holly Wilson founded Women’s Recovery, an alcohol and drug rehab center in Denver and Dillon, Colorado. One of her goals is to help other women reach and maintain sobriety through gender-specific addiction treatment. 

Women’s Recovery is led and run by women who have been through similar situations of addiction but are now in recovery. Through their experiences, the staff is able to connect with the clients and assist them in their time of need. 

In the article, Holly Wilson discusses her journey with alcoholism and how she found recovery. She describes her family dynamic when she was suffering from alcoholism and how that dynamic changed after she became sober. 

“When I finally stopped drinking and began therapy, I found freedom.” 

Since Holly has become sober, she has been working hard to empower others on their recovery journey. “I am able to give back to others; experience personal growth and satisfaction in my career; and I am able to be the best mom, daughter, sister, boss, friend, and person I can be.”

“The holidays are a high-stress busy time filled with opportunities to ‘eat, drink, and be merry’. Overindulging is accepted and even encouraged this time of year. At what point do you tell yourself it is time to make a change? At what point do you accept that there may be a deeper issue that you are masking through substance use?”

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Even though the holidays can bring about a lot of stress, it can also be a time of reflection. If you have been contemplating making a change, there is no better time! Even though drinking and the holidays seem synonymous, they don’t have to go together. Sparkling cider or sparkling water can look similar to other alcoholic drinks but without any negative consequences. Additionally, Dry January is right around the corner when many people put alcohol consumption on hold. 

Sobriety can become the best gift you have ever given yourself and others. When you stop drinking alcohol or using drugs, you can experience many mental and physical health benefits. Although the road to recovery can be difficult and requires hard work, the results will always far exceed any temporary struggles. 

If you want to learn more about Women’s Recovery or options for addiction recovery, you can schedule a free addiction consultation today with one of our amazing counselors. We understand it can be difficult to make that first call, so you are able to schedule the best time and way for us to reach out to you.