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“Holly, Dr. Bader, & Brianna have been so helpful to me while I have been deciding where to get treatment. DWR offers both sober living combined with IOP which includes the typical 3 sessions of IOP weekly, weekly individual AND family therapy, and case management. I have not yet given any money and DWR has invested significant amounts of time in both me and my situation. Brianna even took the time to speak with my loved ones. I am most likely going here, still working a few things and will update this post later if I do. Dr. Bader was my therapist in years ago and I still use many of the resources she provided me with at the time via a personalized binder.”


“DWR was a life changing program. They offer endless support, encouragement and accountability. The staff that make the DWR truly make you feel heard, understood and worthy in ways you never thought you could. If anyone is struggling and wants to reach out for a helping hand this is the place to go!! You’ll make life long friends and be surrounded by great women that will help you overcome and end the stigma of addiction.”


“The IOP and OP Denver Women’s Recovery has to offer is the best in the Denver metro area. The all female staff are all experienced, trained and educated in addiction and alcoholism while being more than willing to help out. The skills learned in the programs not only help with the disease of alcoholism and addiction but also help with balancing life, healthy coping skills, emotions, etc. I would not be sober today without DWR in my life. I am so grateful DWR is there to help women like me!”


“DWR was an amazing experience for me and the woman I met through the program were such amazing and inspirational people! The staff is amazing and their IOP and OP programs taught me so much and have helped me with my recovery. I highly recommend if you are serious about getting help! Once more, Thank you!”


“One year ago today I fearfully and reluctantly started a new journey in my life. I didn’t know what to expect or what I had to gain when I sought help to get sober. I wasn’t even sure if it was possible. Today, with the help of everyone at DWR, I’m so happy to say that I have been sober for a year and I have gained more than I ever could have imagined. I have regained confidence, hope, and value in my life. I want to thank everyone at DWR for all the genuine support you’ve given me to help me get to where I am now. I’ve truly felt I was cared for every step of the way and the skills I’ve learned there will stay with me forever. Sobriety has been an amazing journey and DWR has helped me to find the right path.  Once more, Thank you!”


“My name is Cassie, I’m 29 years old and I have battled addiction on and off for the past decade. I have been to treatment centers all over the country, many for periods of a year or more. After my most recent relapse with Benzodiazepines I found myself at my tenth treatment center-Denver Women’s Recovery. I was scared, a bit broken, and incredibly angry with everyone and everything. DWR challenged the deep rooted schemas I had about myself and my place in the world. They took a genuine interest in me and my life. The small groups and one on one time with my counselor and case manager was exactly what I needed. I felt safe, loved, and most of all I felt like I mattered and belonged in this world. Today, I have almost 8 months clean and I couldn’t be more grateful to Holly and all the staff at DWR. I’m honored to be a part of the Denver Women’s Recovery Alumni sisterhood.”


An amazing program with an even more amazing counseling staff! It’s the only program like it in the state of Colorado!

The program at DWR has been life-changing for me. Great material, super supportive and accommodating staff, and I have met some amazing friends. During my brief tenure, I went from feeling lost and powerless to confident and able. Thank you!
I absolutely loved every second i was with DWR. Grateful:)

DWR saved my life. This is without a doubt the best thing that I have ever done in my life. The staff is the most amazing, wonderful, and supportive group of people I have ever met. I can’t wait to continue enriching my life through OP. Thank you for giving me a life I never thought I would have.


I recommend Denver Women’s Recovery to anyone struggling with substance abuse. The all-female staff there is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with addiction and the approach that they use is very women specific, as well as trauma specific, for those who need it. The staff is incredibly welcoming and goes above and beyond to help you with every aspect of your life, giving you the necessary tools and resources to heal and to strive in your recovery. They also offer the option for sober living and the house is beautiful, well-structured, and very homey. DWR has been life-saving!


An amazing program with an even more amazing counseling staff! It’s the only program like it in the state of Colorado!


I still think that this program is the best thing that ever happened to me. And continues to help and support me every day.

The last 90 days at Denver Women’s Recovery have given me an entirely different view on my life. I entered as an anxious, depressed, broken addict with no hope and a simple desire to end the storm. I Googled “addiction help in Denver” and Denver Women’s Recovery appeared. [READ MORE]

Hands-down the best extended services program on the West Coast for women. They have the best clinical staff and administrative staff available. I never hesitate to recommend them to my clients. Our industry needs more facilities like this one.


Every time I go to group I would walk out with some nugget of wise thinking or communicating. Thank you!


I appreciate all the staff being supportive and challenging me. It’s a good mix of structure and freedom.


It gives me space to talk about how I’m feeling and what’s going on with me instead of keeping it to myself. I don’t just stay in my head and think in circles.


DWR provides absolutely amazing care. I was extremely depressed and hopeless when I came to DWR. It was my 3rd time doing sober living and IOP; in total the 10th time I sought group treatment for addiction/mental health over the last 8 years. I completed the IOP, sober living, and OP program in a period of 6 months. One of the first things I noticed was how helpful it was to live among others that I could relate to and how supportive both the staff and my housemates were. DWR staff members helped me to feel loved and cared for. The sober living allowed me a calm & quiet space to heal, away from outside stressors; and greatly added to my overall experience at DWR.

I was both validated and challenged at DWR. My providers gently guided me to further question the origins of the negative thoughts and patterns that had continued to hold me back. I was patiently supported as I very painfully came to accept some difficult truths about myself and then to set and hold healthy boundaries.

After my experience here and elsewhere, I don’t think I could recommend anywhere other than DWR.


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