Are You a Good Fit for

Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

“IOPs are an important part of the continuum of care for alcohol and drug use disorders. They are effective as inpatient treatment.”

~ Dennis McCarty, Ph.D.

So many women are in need of substance abuse treatment, but many cannot commit to an inpatient program. Instead of compelling them to pursue alternative options, these women often feel stuck in their addictions. But what many of them do not realize is that a quality outpatient addiction treatment program can be just as effective.

Recovering from an addiction does not always mean putting your life on hold. We know you have other commitments and responsibilities, and they cannot be taken lightly. Our goal is to help you become the best, substance abuse-free version of yourself that you can. We support those women who have to continue to work and take care of their loved ones throughout the healing process. It is possible to do both at the same time.

Are You a Candidate for Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

There are a few key questions that you should ask yourself in order to get the answer to that question. We have listed them below.

Do You Have Income That Your Family Depends Upon?

Many women work full or part-time jobs, and their families require their income to live. In addition, it can be hard to get time off to go to rehab, which is why a lot of women simply continue to suffer in their addictions. If you are in this situation, you may be a candidate for outpatient treatment.

Do You Have Small Children at Home?

Having small children at home is typically one of the biggest challenges that women in need of addiction treatment face. As a result, they try to cope with their substance abuse problems instead, which usually only makes the situation worse. If you are a mom with small children, an outpatient program may be the best solution for you.

Do You Have Children Who are in School?

While having older children does allow more time for recovery, when they are in school, there are additional roadblocks to treatment. Moms with school-aged children may find it impossible to take the time they need to focus on healing from substance abuse. For them, outpatient treatment offers them an option that can help them succeed.

Are You Highly Motivated to Recover From Your Addiction?

Women who are highly motivated to recover from substance abuse tend to do much better in treatment than those who are not. They have a goal in mind, and they will do whatever they need to do to reach that goal. If that describes how you feel about recovering, an outpatient program may be an excellent fit.

Do You Have a Strong Support System at Home?

Women without a strong support system at home may find it difficult to do well in an outpatient setting. But many family members are 100% on board with their loved ones getting the help they need. If yours is too, an outpatient addiction treatment facility may be right for you.

Have more questions or want to get started? Call us at 888-233-1553 or set up a free phone consultation with our caring staff, Briana.  Briana is a licensed addiction counselor with extensive experience with women’s substance abuse, trauma and mental health treatment. 

Common Questions About Our Outpatient Treatment Program

 Women often do not realize that outpatient rehab is a possibility for them. Once they do, they typically have several questions. We would like to try and answer some of them here.

Yes, IOPs have shown to be just as effective as more traditional inpatient programs. They offer a similar type of structure and support. Our clients have the opportunity to connect with other clients, which is so important for recovery. The only difference is that the client does not have to live at the facility. We offer support and help to allow women to better manage their lives during recovery, and so many experience tremendous benefits as a result.

Recovering from an addiction takes a lot of work and dedication. The time commitments for our IOP/OP programs range between 12-15 hours per week.

No one ever needs to hit rock bottom before they can get help for an addiction. In fact, it is better not to wait because of what hitting rock bottom could mean. So many wait too long and end up suffering from overdoses, which can be fatal.

More often than not, women with substance abuse problems also suffer from co-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression. We recognize the importance of treating them alongside addictions by offering dual diagnosis treatment.

Yes, we require drug testing once per week for most of our clients. But there may be reasons why a more individualized schedule is required.

Not everyone is a good candidate for outpatient addiction recovery. Some women may not meet all of the criteria we mentioned above, and others may need a more structured program. They need the level of support that only an inpatient rehab can offer.

latisha bader

“IOP is a laboratory for recovery, getting to learn, practice and refine the skills needed for long term success.”

~ LaTisha Bader, Ph.D., LP, LAC, CC-AASP, Chief Clinical Officer at Women’s Recovery

Our Holistic Addiction Treatment Program at Women’s Recovery

At Women’s Recovery, we know how complex addictions are. There is so much more involved than simply the use of substances. In addition to treating the addiction itself, we also focus on two other key areas. We also provide treatment for trauma and the client’s mental health conditions as well.

There are two sides to every addiction – a physical side and psychological side. First, it is important to treat the physical aspect, which includes getting help for withdrawal symptoms. This might involve a detox to eliminate toxins and reduce the severity of withdrawal.

With withdrawal symptoms under control, the client is better equipped to focus on healing from the psychological side of the addiction. Many women have a history of trauma, or another mental health condition, which actually contribute to substance abuse issues. In order to recover, these must be addressed and treated appropriately.

We offer the following services:

  • Individual Counseling Sessions
  • Individual Psychiatry Sessions
  • Family Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • 12-Step Coaching
  • Case Management Services

In addition, many of our clients benefit from the following supplemental services:

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment at Women’s Recovery

If you or someone you love is in need of addiction treatment or rehab of some sort, Women’s Recovery is here to help. IOP can be just as effective and successful as inpatient treatment for many women. There is no need for you to travel far away from home to get help.

We offer two convenient locations in Dillon and in Denver. We want you to know that recovery is possible, and together, we can help you live a life that is addiction-free.

Do you have questions about outpatient addiction treatment? Please contact us today.