Drug Addiction Quiz for Women

Drugs affect women in a different way than it does to men. Women tend to spiral into addiction much faster than men do. They are also more likely to struggle with a co-occurring disorder. Women are as likely as men to get addicted to various substances.

Many addicts are in denial. They might think that their addiction is no big deal. If you’re starting to wonder whether your drug use has gone out of hands, take the quiz below to get more insight.

It can be difficult to figure out whether you are a drug addict.

You might not experience all symptoms outlined in resources online. The fact of the matter is that most addicts generally downplay their addiction. Men and women are likely to think that their drug use is not a problem, even if they are addicted.

Answer the following 20 questions truthfully to determine whether you have an addiction. Take your time, and read each question carefully. There’s no rush.

Have you craved drugs so badly that you couldn't think of anything else?
Do you use drugs more frequently than you intend to?
Do you need to take larger and larger doses to achieve the same high?
Does the same dosage no longer have the same physical, mental and psychological effects on your body?
Has your drug use caused problems in your school or work performance?
Have you ever wanted to cut down on your drug use?
Do you go through withdrawal symptoms if you try to quit or take a smaller dose?
Have you ever resumed your drug use to get relief from withdrawal symptoms?
Have you tried to quit doing drugs more than once, but failed?
Have you ever tried to hide your drug use from family and friends?
Have you spent a considerable amount of time getting high, even if it meant neglecting your responsibilities?
Do you spend a lot of time recovering from the effects of drug use?
Have you ever isolated yourself from family and friends to do drugs?
Have you ever engaged in risky or dangerous behavior due to drug use?
Do you continue your drug use despite it having negative consequences on your health?
Do you ever end up taking a larger dose than what you wanted?
Have your family and friends ever staged an intervention or raised concerns with your drug use?
Do you feel irritated or angry when a family or friend asks you about your drug use?
Do you often use drugs to cope with other issues, like a mental disorder, stress or a traumatic event?

Get Gender-Specific Treatment to Become Sober

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you’re an addict, it’s time to admit that you need help. One of the first things that you should do is look for a gender-specific treatment plan.

Since addictions affect both men and women differently, you’ll want a treatment plan that caters to your biological features. Gender-specific treatment plans look into factors that only affect women. They also have tailored counselling and therapy to help avoid relapses.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We won’t judge you. After all, everyone is susceptible to addictions. We know what it feels like to feel helpless in these situations, and we want to help you get sober again.

There’s nothing better than getting sober. It’ll likely be the best thing that you’ve done for yourself lately. You’ll regain control over your life, and be able to make better decisions. Free yourself from the shackles of addiction, so that you fall in love with life all over again.