Commerce City, CO Addiction Rehab Resources

If you’re suffering from a substance abuse disorder and/or addiction, there are rehab resources in Commerce City, CO available.

Getting past addiction isn’t easy so it’s important that you address the problem with the right tools. This improves your chances of a smooth, safe recovery. This resource page gives you the options available to you. No matter what your financial situation is, there are resources available to you.

Resources For Your Addiction in Commerce City

Addiction can take a hold of your life and cause you to lose everything. There are varying degrees of addiction and all types can be treated. When you get professional help, you are given the tools to manage physical and psychological symptoms. You also have the support you need to stay motivated. When you go through rehab, you have a greater chance of recovering. Through the detox, rehab, and aftercare process, you have people who care about the outcome of your recovery. This can make all the difference.

Recovery Meetings In Commerce City, CO

Once rehab is over, you’ll want to have a long term maintenance plan. This could include free NA and AA meetings in Commerce City. There are also groups for family support such as Al-Anon meetings.

Every Day of the Week

Little Red House

6:00 pm

7275 Monaco, 287-9950

Commerce City, CO

Every Day of the Week

Grupo 3RA Tradicion

6401 E. 72nd Ave. #115

Commerce City, CO


7:00 pm

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

2100 Wadsworth Boulevard

Lakewood, CO


5:45 pm

Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church

1100 Fillmore Street

Denver, CO


12:00 pm

Park Hill AFG

St Thomas Episcopal Church

2201 Dexter St 

Denver, CO

Rehab Recovery Options in Commerce City, CO

There are different rehab recovery options that vary in their quality and pricing. 

Inpatient Rehab Programs

When you go into a residential program, you will be immersed in daily treatments. There are no outside influences, which allows you to focus on your recovery. The program lasts for 28 days and the facility creates a program for your needs. The process will usually start with detox. From there, you move onto therapy and other treatments that are effective in helping you get past your addiction.

Private Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP in Commerce City is available for those who still need more support and intensive therapy. It is an option after rehab that involves you staying in sober living. It’s a flexible program where you can choose what kind of therapies you wish to attend. You will go to an addiction facility or hospital setting for treatment. This program is recommended for those with a co-occurring disorder or who have limited support at home. 

Outpatient Programs

There are a variety of different outpatient programs in Commerce City. They are a low-cost option and usually are only recommended as a program you take after inpatient rehab. However, for those who can’t afford a high quality program, this is a good option to get support and tools to manage addiction. There is also the Intensive Outpatient Program, which allows you to stay at home. You attend intensive therapy sessions at an addiction facility 3-5 times a week. These appointments can be worked around your schedule. 

Detox Centers in Commerce City, CO 

The physical symptoms of addiction need to be dealt with first off. The process involves getting the substance out of the body and managing the withdrawal symptoms that can be brought on. Symptoms vary on what substance, how long you’ve been abusing, and how often. With certain drugs, it requires tapering off for safety reasons. There is holistic and medically-assisted detox programs. It’s important to get help and support through the detox process as it’s far too easy to relapse when trying to do it at home. 

Our Addiction Treatment Facility

Women’s Recovery has a new location in Dillon, Colorado. From Commerce City, it’s just under a 90 minute drive.

Is Inpatient Rehab in Commerce City, CO Right For You?

The best care available can be found with an inpatient rehab program. You have constant support in a professional environment. It might not be the right option for every woman however. Maybe you’re needed at home or at work and can’t take the time away. If it’s an issue of money, make sure to verify your insurance to see if you have full or partial coverage. If you’re unable to go to an inpatient program, there are outpatient programs in Commerce City as well. The important thing is to get the help you need.


At Women’s Recovery, we offer an excellent Intensive Outpatient Program. If you’ve gone through inpatient rehab but believe you need more support and treatment, our program could just be for you. We offer an environment just for women that is a safe place to work through the causes of your addiction.

We have our facility in Denver and a brand new facility in Dillon, CO. Call us today for any questions you have about our program just for women.


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