Women’s Recovery is a clinically savvy, trauma integrated care, luxurious environment for women to continue their treatment and ​create the life they truly deserve.

Women’s Recovery: About Us

Quite often, women attend a drug rehab or an alcohol rehab in Denver, or somewhere else in Colorado, and then they find themselves returning to their old way of life soon afterward. While there are women who have no problem with that at all, there are also those who need an additional amount of support once their inpatient substance abuse treatment has come to an end.

Quite often, thirty days of addiction treatment just isn’t enough for most women, and it’s helpful for them to have a place where they can go and get the additional support they need. That is what we offer here at Women’s Recovery.

If you are looking for high-quality clinical treatment within a community of like-minded women, or if you are searching for a sober living environment in addition to addiction treatment, we are the addiction treatment program you have been looking for.

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Offering Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Women in Denver, Dillon, and Surrounding Areas

Once you have established a firm foundation in drug and alcohol rehab, it’s important for you to have the services to build upon that foundation. That is what you’ll find at Women’s Recovery. We are a luxury drug rehab and alcohol rehab that offers:

  • IOP: Intensive outpatient treatment is often essential for women who have finished an inpatient program, but who still need a high level of care.
  • Drug and alcohol screening services: Our screening services will help to keep you accountable to your goals to remain drug and alcohol free.
  • Group therapy: Group therapy has been proven to help people be successful as they receive ongoing treatment for their addictions.
  • Individual therapy: Your therapist will work very closely with you to provide you with the support you need.
  • Case management services: Case management will help you as you integrate back into the community, establish your life skills and exercise your new coping skills.
  • Trauma treatment: Trauma integrated care is so important for women who have lived through traumatic experiences, and who seek to recover from addictions related to them.
  • EMDR: EMDR is a cutting edge therapy that has been proven to be effective among those who have suffered through traumas.

Whether you are suffering from a process addiction (like a gambling addiction, sex addiction, etc.), alcoholism or a drug addiction, getting the type of help you need is critical for your long-term recovery.

Choosing Recovery Housing in Colorado for Women

Here at Women’s Recovery, we work with a Recovery Housing program that is available to you. You’ll find that recovery housing provides you with the additional support you need during this critical time in your recovery. By offering you a safe, secure and supportive environment, you’ll be able to more readily reach your goals.

Recovery housing is not required when you receive services from Denver Women’s Recovery and Summit Women’s Recovery, however, if you feel that you would benefit from this service, we highly encourage you to take advantage of it.

Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders in Colorado

You have probably learned a lot about co-occurring disorders and how important it is to treat them while you are receiving addiction treatment. The same is true during your outpatient treatment, regardless of your living situation. In fact, you may need as much as six months of continuing treatment for any co-occurring disorders you may be suffering from.

As you treat co-occurring disorders, you’ll find that your recovery becomes smoother and you effectively address your individual needs as you heal.

Why Should You Choose Luxury Addiction Treatment at Women’s Recovery?

When it comes to your recovery, getting the right addiction treatment is so important, and this is just as true for your aftercare as it is for your inpatient substance abuse treatment program.

At our facilities, Denver Women’s Recovery and Summit Women’s Recovery, we understand that women have unique needs that are gender specific, and it is our goal to meet those needs and provide you with the help and support you need. We’re confident that you will find our approach to women’s addiction treatment to be everything you’re looking for in an aftercare program.

Are you looking for a comprehensive program for women’s addiction treatment in Denver, Dillon, or the surrounding areas in Colorado? If you are, we would love to share with you more about how we can provide you with the help and support you need. Please contact us to learn more.