Quiz: Am I Abusing or Dependent on Marijuana?

Below, you’ll find a marijuana addiction test. Take your time in answering the questions. If your answer is yes, mark the circle next to the question. If your answer is no, you can leave the circle blank.

Questionnaire: Am I Addicted to Marijuana?

Am I currently using drugs for any reason, outside of a medical one?
Does drinking or using drugs frequently make my home life more difficult than it should be?
Once I start drinking alcohol or start using drugs, is it very hard for me to stop?
Do I ever misuse more than one drug at a time? (For example, drinking alcohol and taking prescription painkillers together)
Do I feel that my reputation has been negatively impacted because of my substance abuse?
Do I need to increase the dosage drugs, or how much alcohol I drink to get the same effects?
Does using drugs or drinking alcohol in excess ever make me feel guilty afterwards?
Have I ever felt sick, or gone through withdrawal when I stopped abusing substances?

Have the people I spend time with changed since I started abusing substances?

Do I have family members or friends who are encouraging me to get help for an addiction?

Is drinking alcohol or using drugs starting to negatively impact me financially?

Do I feel that my drug or alcohol use has caused me to lose productivity on the job?

Is drug or alcohol use causing me to become isolated from the people who love me the most?

Have I lost a job because I failed a drug test, or because of my substance abuse patterns?

Have I been a part of illegal activities that involved using drugs or drinking recently?

Am I experiencing problems keeping up with my responsibilities because of drug or alcohol use?

Do I currently have medical issues that could be linked to my substance abuse habits?

Do I feel as though I need to drink alcohol or use drugs just to feel normal each day?

Has using drugs or drinking become a part of the way I cope with stress or frustration?

Have I tried to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs in the past, but failed at every attempt?

Are you abusing or dependent on marijuana? A marijuana addiction assessment can help you find answers. Most people strongly believe that it isn’t possible to get addicted to pot. However, research has shown that this isn’t true at all. It is absolutely possible to be a marijuana addict, and if you are, you need to get help to recover.

It’s very common for people to be unsure about their relationships with marijuana. If this is the first time you’re learning that it can be addictive, you may have a number of questions. It’s important, first and foremost, for you to know if you’re addicted.

am I addicted to Marijuana

The Signs of Marijuana Addiction

There are many different types of marijuana, including synthetic options and natural ones. All of them are dangerous, and it’s important to know what to look for if you think you might have an addiction.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the signs of cannabis addiction are:

  • Frequently feeling dizzy.
  • Acting strangely for what appears to be no reason at all.
  • Having bloodshot eyes.
  • Problems with your memory.
  • Always feeling hungry.
  • Experiencing mood swings.
  • Becoming depressed or anxious.
  • Forming a tolerance, which means you need to use more to get high.

If you have any of these signs, it’s likely that you are addicted to marijuana. The good news is that you can stop by going to a cannabis treatment facility.

Marijuana is frequently boasted about as being a drug that is practically free of any risks. We want you to know this is false information. There are risks involved with smoking pot or using synthetic forms of marijuana. This is a drug that has both short-term and long-term effects.

The short-term effects of pot include:

  • Causing problems with normal brain function and development.
  • Altering your senses.
  • Changing the way you experience time.
  • Impairing your body movements.
  • Causing memory issues.
  • Having hallucinations or delusions.
  • Occasionally causing psychosis.

The long-term effects can include:

  • Lowering your IQ.
  • Declining your verbal abilities.
  • Causing breathing problems.
  • Increasing your heart rate.
  • Causing nausea and vomiting due to cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.

Where to Get Help if You’re Addicted to Weed

If you are addicted to marijuana, you need to get help right away. It’s often not easy to differentiate between pot abuse and dependence. However, we hope this information has been helpful.

At Women’s Recovery, we’ve been able to help many women overcome their marijuana addictions. This drug has such an incorrect perception in society, and it’s not as safe as you may think. While it is natural, so much has been done to it to increase its potency over the years. This can result in a quicker addiction.

Fortunately, with the right support, you can break free if you’re addicted to pot. Going to a cannabis rehab center might be exactly what you need and we can help you. We offer outpatient treatment services and even a sober living option. Both can help you get your life back on track.

Has this marijuana abuse/dependence quiz been helpful for you?

We’ve found that while pot addiction quizzes can be helpful, they don’t always give us all the information we need. Do you have further questions? Please contact us.