What Is The Divine Feminine?

Wonderful things are happening here on planet Earth – although, if you immerse yourself in the mainstream media, you might think otherwise. Indeed, it is a blessed time to be alive. There has never been a better time to be a sober woman!

People all over the world are waking up and becoming enlightened to our global need for a shift in consciousness. Many have attributed this collective spiritual awakening to the emergence of the Divine Feminine.

There are many different definitions of the Divine Feminine. It is a metaphysical concept. In many ways, it transcends human language. Nevertheless, in this article, we will attempt to define this sacred energy that exists within all of us. We will also tell you how you can tap into this energy to help you in your recovery and your daily life.

Before we continue, take a moment to watch this video by Shelly Bullard, who loves being a sober woman. It will help you get aligned with the message we are about to share with you as it relates to having a spiritual awakening:

The Divine Energies Transcends Gender

Each one of us is made up of feminine and masculine energy. This is the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, which is at the core of every human being (yin and yang). Each of these energies has certain characteristics (we’ll talk more about this in just a moment). For any one of us to reach our fullest and highest potential, we should strive to maintain a divine balance of these energies within ourselves.  

Let’s be clear. The Divine Feminine and Masculine energies transcend gender. Every man has feminine energy – although most are out of touch with it because they have been shamed into believing this is a sign of weakness or homosexuality.

Likewise, every woman has masculine energy. However; unlike a man’s instinct to suppress their femininity, most of us are quite comfortable with the masculine aspect of ourselves. (After all, we have relied heavily upon it to survive in a “man’s world.”) Unfortunately, many of us have neglected our own femininity in the name of success and survival.

In order for harmony to be restored to the world, we must tap into the feminine side of human nature.

A Definition of The Divine Feminine – Words Will Not Do It Justice

As explained, it is difficult to describe this energy with words. Imagine trying to describe a color with words or explain what music is with language. It is next to impossible! The same is true of the Divine Feminine.

It is more powerful than words. It is something you feel, know, and understand. You experience its presence with your senses and words will never do it justice. But, of course, we know you want and need words to understand this concept. So, let’s try.

Understanding The Divine Masculine

Sometimes it is better to explain what something is by explaining what it is NOT. First, the Divine Feminine is not about the feminist movement. It is about men and women naturally expressing the characteristics of feminine energy as they navigate the world around them. It is a way of being.

Also, the Divine Feminine is NOT the Divine Masculine. While these two energies do coexist within the same person, they are opposing energies, which have been designed to work together to create harmony and balance.

Here are a few qualities of the Divine Masculine:

  • Logical
  • Left-brained
  • Action oriented toward an end goal
  • Physical strength, the use of brute force
  • Seeks self-mastery
  • Introspective, closed off
  • Protective
  • Provides
  • Competitive
  • In constant motion
  • Has a need to “do”
  • Firm
  • Seeks material possessions as a marker of success
  • Concerned with order
  • Makes decisions based on information
  • Focused on the physical world and appearances

This is just a short list. Keep in mind that the Divine Masculine can get out of harmony. When it does, these characteristics go to an extreme end of the spectrum. If a man or woman does not properly channel their masculinity, they can become controlling, overbearing, unemotional, materialistic, egotistical, and obsessed with looks. This results in greed, corruption, war, materialism, and abuse of power.

When the Divine Masculine is expressed in its purest form, it is strong but gentle, kind, protective, loving, goal-oriented, successful, generous, spiritual, and hard-working. We can associate this energy with the Prince Charming archetype, Jesus, Krishna, or Buddha.

Up Until Now, The World Has Embraced The Divine Masculine

For thousands of years, we have been collectively (and individually) tapped into our masculine energy – to the extreme. We have allowed it to dominate our own existence, which has influenced the way the human race responds to life. As a result, life as we know it is completely out of balance.

Just look at the world’s systems. We live in a patriarchal world. Religious organizations are mostly organized by men. God is referred to as “Him.” Men dominate politics and leadership. Most CEOS and business owners are men. Women are paid less than men. The list goes on and on. Finally, at this stage of our evolution, humanity is recognizing the value of the Divine Feminine and shifting towards a new world order.

All over the world, we are bearing witness to the Divine Feminine materializing. Now more than ever, women are coming together to tear down an antiquated system that only honors male energy. The U.S. Woman’s March of 2017 served as a great example of women joining forces to speak out against the degradation of sacred feminine energy. And, we are seeing more women CEOs, thought leaders, clergy, entrepreneurs, and politicians.

A List of Divine Feminine Qualities

Hopefully, having a solid understanding of the Divine Masculine will help you better understand the Divine Feminine. Now that you know what this energy is NOT, let’s talk about what IT IS.

To start, let’s turn to the dictionary.

Divine has many definitions, but the one that stands out is “supremely good, heavenly, Godlike”

Feminine also has several definitions, but this one seems the most appropriate: “the embodiment or conception of a timeless or idealized feminine nature.”

Let these two definitions roll around your head for just a moment…… remember, we are talking about the spiritual aspect of what it means to be human. Understanding the Divine Feminine is a tall order!  

Here is a list of qualities that describe this sacred energy:

  • Emotional
  • Right-brained
  • Action is oriented to the experience of joy rather than an outcome
  • Emotional strength
  • Seeks self-mastery, but is more concerned with sacrificing for the greater good
  • Extroverted, open
  • Vulnerable, Nurturing
  • Receives
  • Cooperative
  • Still, tranquil
  • Wants to “be” rather than “do”
  • Gentleness, sensitivity
  • Defines success by relationships
  • Concerned with creativity
  • Makes decisions based on intuition
  • Focused on emotional world and the inner being

Like the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine can also get out of harmony. When it does, these characteristics go to an extreme end of the spectrum.

If a man or woman does not properly channel their femininity, they can become codependent, overly emotional, irrational, sacrificial to one’s own detriment, disorganized, confused, and lost. This results in dysfunctional relationships, mental health issues like bipolar disorder, a constant feeling of burnout, a lack of productivity, a loss of self-worth, a “damsel in distress mentality,” and the inability to complete projects.

When expressed in its truest form, this energy goes with the flow, births new possibilities and ideas through creativity, promotes unconditional love, has beautiful and nurturing relationships, and provides a safe space for those who need to feel protected. We can associate this energy with the Virgin Mary, Mother Teresa, Isis, Shakti, and Gaia. All of these Divine Feminine archetypes embody this sacred energy.

Tapping Into This Sacred Energy In Your Recovery

We have delved just about as deeply as we can into defining the Divine Feminine. If you would like to know more about this metaphysical expression of human femininity, there are plenty of books, videos, articles, and blogs written on this topic.

The question you might be asking at this point is, “How can I access the Divine Feminine to help me in my sobriety?” We’re glad you asked! Tapping into this energy can be helpful on your recovery journey and in your everyday life.

Here are 8 ways you can do to align yourself with the Divine Feminine within you:

# 1 Stop Buying Into Society’s Definition Of What It Means To Be A Woman

Society expects us to be Betty Crocker in the kitchen, June Cleaver to our children, Jenna Jameson in the bedroom, and Suze Orman with our finances….all while climbing the ladder of success – wearing high heels, no less! It’s exhausting.

To awaken the Divine Feminine within you, honor your own path. It’s as simple as that. Stop buying into the lie that women are “supposed to” behave a certain way, have a perfect body, and wear a face full of makeup during Zumba class. Throw out any unrealistic expectations you may have as a result of what American culture has told you about being a woman.

Just be you.

# 2 Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Women

As American women, we have been trained to measure our worth against the images we see in fashion magazines and movies. We look to Hollywood starlets to tell us what to wear, how to do our hair, what size and shape we “should” be and…..worst of all….that we should aspire to be a model of perfection at all times. This does not honor the divine.

You have been programmed to fit into a cookie cutter mold since you grew up playing with Barbies. (Think about that for a minute!) Nevertheless, giving yourself permission to be who you are, where you are, doing whatever it is you are doing will help you begin to align with the Divine Feminine.

You are running your own race. You have been called to a very specific purpose that is uniquely yours. Love yourself for who you are and stop trying to measure up to someone else’s standards.

# 3 Treat Your Body Like a Temple

If you abuse your body with any type of self-harm, stop. If you engage in regular physical abuse against yourself (like cutting), have an eating disorder, or continue to abuse drugs and alcohol, you are doing the divine a disservice. If you need to, get professional help.

Be kind and loving toward your physical body. You only get one in this life. Take care of it. Drink plenty of water. Stay away from the soda and the junk food. Get plenty of exercise. Get enough rest. Get a regular checkup from the doctor. Your body is a temple that houses the Divine Feminine. When you honor your temple, you will position yourself to awaken this sacred energy.

# 4 Disengage From Toxic Relationships

The divine is extremely sensitive to negative energy. As women, we deeply value our relationships. We want to be nurturing to our romantic partner, our friends, our children, and our loved ones. Quite often, this can lead to codependency or unhealthy relationships where we give too much of ourselves and expect little in return.

To awaken the Divine Feminine within you, you also want to be the recipient of this kind of loving presence. If you are in an abusive relationship with anyone, make the decision today to take a step back. You can love them from a distance. Seek out positive, uplifting, encouraging relationships with people who recognize your value.

# 5 Surround Yourself With Empowered, Spiritual Women

In order to raise your vibrational energy, you need to be around other women who operate at a higher level of consciousness. This might be your sponsor or other recovering women. You want to be in the company of women who are concerned with doing good in the world, rather than women who are completely self-centered.

Unfortunately, many women are not in touch with their Divine Feminine. They belittle other women. They invite meaningless drama. They cheat on their spouses. They neglect their children. They are completely materialistic. They gossip. Love these women from afar. Do not have them in your inner circle.

# 6 Pray and Meditate   

Prayer and meditation should be regular practices in the life of any recovering woman. This is especially true for those who are seeking to enhance their sacred femininity. It has been said that prayer is you talking to God and meditation is God talking to you.

The Divine Feminine exists in the world of the spirit. It can best be accessed by seeking it through thoughtful prayer and sincere meditation. You don’t have to deliver any lofty prayers. You don’t have to become a Zen master. Just talk to the God of your understanding and let God talk to you.

Do meditations aimed specifically at connecting to your sacred femininity. There is no wrong way to do this. If you want some guidance, go on YouTube and do a guided meditation.

NOTE: One of the best ways to pray and meditate is to go outside and connect to Mother Earth (or Mother Nature), which is probably the most internationally recognized symbol of the Divine Feminine. Sit on the grass, enjoy the flowers, lean against a tree. It might seem weird if you are not a nature lover. But, once you begin to really soak up the power of the outdoors, you will start to feel it in your soul.

# 7 Stay Sober No Matter What

It doesn’t matter whether you were abusing Adderall, hooked on opioids, addicted to marijuana or alcohol, strung out on coke, or spun on methamphetamines. A drug is a drug is a drug. The Divine Feminine is a sacred energy. It does not manifest in toxic, polluted environments.

Don’t get high. Don’t get drunk. No matter what. The quickest way to cut off the source of divine energy is to relapse. Being in recovery is the best way to get in touch with your own sacred femininity.

# 8 Work All 12 Steps  

If you are in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, you have probably been introduced to the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous or the 12 Steps of Narcotics Anonymous. Fundamentally, the 12 Steps are the same, no matter which program you go to. The only difference is the first step.

As you know, the 12-Steps are integral to the recovery process. They give you the tools that you need to stay clean and enjoy a sober lifestyle. More importantly, though, the 12 Steps take you on a spiritual journey that encourages a relationship between you and your Higher Power.Many people completely overlook the fact that 12-Step recovery is all about spirituality. It is so much more than just staying off the bottle, the pipe, or the needle.

The nature of this ENTIRE 12-Step process will move you to a higher consciousness. Remember, you have to work all 12 Steps and live the principles in your daily life! This will allow the Divine Feminine energy that already exists within you to awaken on a deeper level.

Accessing The Divine Feminine Will Bring About a True Transformation

When you tap into the Divine Feminine, you will awaken to new possibilities and birth a greater level of creativity in your life. By channeling your inner goddess, your relationships will become more loving and nurturing. You will feel empowered to take your recovery to a new level. You will experience a deeper sense of personal freedom and self-love. In no uncertain terms, you will have a spiritual awakening.

There is no need to be afraid when it comes to the Divine Feminine. This is not sorcery or some kind of anti-God movement IN ANY WAY. This is a loving, compassionate, nurturing, intuitive, and creative force that exists within us all. When we align ourselves to it, and maintain harmony with the Divine Masculine, we maximize our fullest potential

This sacred energy already exists within you. All you have to do is look within and you will find it there. Enjoy this process of self-discovery. Just like recovery, it is a journey, rather than a destination.