Our Women’s outpatient program will give you the tools, guidance, and community to recover mind, body and spirit on your schedule

Treatment Designed by Women for Women that Fits Into Your Busy Schedule


Supports All Three Areas of Recovery for Women:

Women often start abusing substances to cope with stress, to fill loneliness, to decrease pain, or to just feel better. Our program will help you heal from all facets of your mind, body, and spirit.


Why Choose Women’s Recovery?


Meet Briana Severine MA, LPC, LAC, CPRP, our Director of Admissions. Briana is dedicated to helping women find an individualized treatment program.

Briana Severine, MA, LPC, LAC, CPRP
Director of Admissions

“When I speak to women or their families they are often at a very difficult time. They are desperate for a change, but also can be really scared about what that means. With over 20 years in the mental health field, I am here to answer any questions you may have about treatment or therapy. I have had my own journey through trauma recovery and finding sobriety, and my goal it to help you realize you are not alone, I will support you to find the treatment path that is best for your situation and lifestyle.”

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We have Found That Outpatient Treatment Works Best for the Majority of Women We Treat. There are several reasons why:

latisha bader

“IOP is a laboratory for recovery, getting to learn, practice and refine the skills needed for long term success.”

– LaTisha Bader, Ph.D., LP, LAC, CC-AASP
Chief Clinical Officer at Women’s Recovery

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About Our Program

Outpatient Services

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) is a therapeutic and support program to treat addiction and mental health disorders. Intensive Outpatient treatment is provided at a central office location and allows women to continue to take care of personal responsibilities such as work, childcare, etc. It allows women to live at home or in a structured sober living environment while completing treatment in their local community. 

Women’s Recovery takes an IOP model, and has built it to be holistic and robust as to meet the needs of women who struggle with addiction, trauma, and other mental health conditions. We aim to be clinically robust and trauma integrated care, which for us makes our gender specific environment important.

The mandatory parts of our program include 9 hours of group psychotherapy, weekly individual therapy, weekly family sessions, weekly case management, and appointments with an Addiction Psychiatrist. This is between a 12-15 hour per week time commitment.

Outpatient Schedule

We offer two program times for your convenience.*

Morning Group

Our morning group is offered for clients who need to be home for their children in the evenings.

Evening Group

Our evening group is perfect for working professionals. 

All other appointments are scheduled at your convenience

*Group times and options may vary by location

Group psychotherapy is broken down into two components, half of the group is a process therapy. Our average group size is 10-12 women with 1-2 trained mental health facilitators. Group process allows clients to receive support and feedback from multiple perspectives, and gain insight into themselves and their patterns they might otherwise not have opportunity to do. The second half of the group is focused on a skill/task/or educational component. It is important to us that women are learning concrete coping skills and things about their mental health, trauma, and addiction that they can continue to use for their lifetime. 

Client are paired up with an individual therapist that has specialty in the areas of focus for their treatment. We have therapists trained in various trauma modalities including EMDR, internal family systems, Somatic Experiencing, etc. 

Clients participate in family sessions with members of their family that they identify as being important to their treatment process. This can include spouses, parents, siblings, adult children, etc. Family sessions can have a variety of purposes including improving communication, education around illness, conflict resolution, etc. 

Case Management focuses on client’s psychosocial health and functioning. Case management can support client in executive functioning and living skills and will be tailored to each individual clients functioning level. This can include time management, social & Recreational development, etc. 

Our clients see an addiction psychiatrist for medication management and psychiatric oversight. Our addiction psychiatrist can make recommendations for medications which can support addiction recovery. 

We at women’s recovery have created adjunct support and therapeutic services that are also available to our clients. These include weekly yoga, neurofeedback on site, nutrient therapy, in-house 12 step meetings, and a variety of social and recreational activities. These are optional parts of the program and can have a varied additional time commitment.

“IOPs are an important part of the continuum of care for alcohol and drug use disorders. They are as effective as inpatient treatment.”

– Dennis McCarty, Ph.D.

Optional Services

At Women’s Recovery have created adjunct support and therapeutic services that are also available to our clients. These include weekly yoga, neurofeedback on site, nutrient therapy, in-house 12 step meetings, and a variety of social and recreational activities. These are optional parts of the program and can have a varied additional time commitment

Two Convenient Locations to Help You Overcome Addiction

Choose from our drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Denver and Dillon, Colorado. Both provide effective and affordable rehab services to help women overcome substance addiction.

Denver, Colorado

Denver Women’s Recovery
3801 E Florida Ave, Ste 650
Denver, CO 80210

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Dillon, Colorado

Summit Women’s Recovery
330 Fiedler Ave. #103
Dillon, CO 80435

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We Accept Most Insurance

Insurance can often pay for your addiction treatment. IOP is also more affordable than inpatient treatment. Verify your insurance with us today to find out how much your plan will cover.

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4111 East Recovery Housing

The luxurious, clean, and modern Recovery Housing feels like home and provides a safe environment for healing and growth.

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