Desoxyn is a stimulant prescription medicine that affects the central nervous system. The drug is methamphetamine hydrochloride which we also know by street names of meth, crystal, and ice. Its main function is to treat Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It aids to increase attention while decreasing common symptoms of ADHD which include impulsiveness and hyperactivity.


Meth is well-known to be highly abused and addictive. Desoxyn is legal and manufactured specifically for ADHD. There is a high amount of people suffering from ADHD in the US today. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America state that there are about eight million American adults who suffer from ADHD. Additionally, there are over six million children who have been diagnosed with the disorder in the US also. Managing this disorder has seen its challenges and while Desoxyn has shown an effective medication, does it come at a cost?


History of Meth as a Prescription Medication

When you look back at history on drugs containing methamphetamines, it has always come with high risk. Methamphetamines were synthesized from ephedrine in the late 1800’s and later used during World War II. Produced by a pharmaceutical company in Berlin, the tablet form Pervitin kept Nazi soldiers to help their performance and keep them awake.

Side effects were so serious, they had to cut back usage. A Pervitin hangover would consist of an intense hangover. Soldiers would have to recover from the side effects and were unable to fight during the down times. Another problem was that soldiers would become violent. They would commit war crimes against civilians and each other.

Obetrol was developed in the 1950s to treat obesity. The psychological and stimulant effects saw it grow in popularity for a decade. As the government became aware of the addictive properties, they began to strictly regulate methamphetamine distribution. In the 1970s, it became a schedule II controlled substance.


Desoxyn for ADHD

Those suffering from Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder will commonly experience the following symptoms:

  • They’ll have a hard time waiting their turn to talk during conversation.
  • They experience impatience.
  • They have a hard time sitting and standing still.
  • They tend to talk excessively.

For someone with inattentive type ADHD they will have symptoms such as:

  • Shifting one thing to the next, leaving things unfinished.
  • They bore easily.
  • They find it challenging to follow instructions.
  • They are often disorganized.
  • They will often make careless mistakes.
  • They will often daydream.

Desoxyn was approved by the FDA for ADHD treatment in 2010. It’s a stimulant to the central nervous system that reduces symptoms with all types of the disorder. The brain chemicals norepinephrine and dopamine are increased with Desoxyn. This allows someone with the disorder to focus on tasks. It is also the process that can lead to dependency on the drug potentially.

Abusing Desoxyn

Desoxyn is FDA approved but it’s still a risk for abuse. All said and done, it is a derivative of one of the most addictive street drugs available today. Strong doses of Desoxyn can bring on feelings of euphoria. It can give people a greater sense of self-esteem and boost the libido. Addiction to this prescription drug can happen quickly because of the feelings it offers.

Desoxyn is more addictive than Adderall which is known for its abuse potential. Both treat ADHD. Desoxyn isn’t that widely prescribed because of its abuse risks. Adderall is the first option. Physicians have a hard time prescribing it for this reason.

The FDA has approved prescription for Desoxyn to manage ADHD and obesity. They have also indicated that weighing the usefulness of it for such therapy and the risk associated with is important. It’s required to include a boxed warning due to the potential for abuse and high risk of addiction.


Abuse and Addiction Signs

There is a great concern of Desoxyn abuse. Here are some of the signs that might indicate someone has developed dependency:

  • Tremors
  • Restlessness
  • They may become aggressive.
  • Heart rate is elevated.
  • Delusions or hallucinations.
  • Pain in muscles.
  • Limbs may twitch.
  • Swelling in feet or hands.
  • They may develop depression.
  • They may get panic attacks.
  • Overdose potential.
  • Psychosis.
  • Damage of the kidneys.

Desoxyn Prescribing Information

Desoxyn is for the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity. When other medications haven’t worked, physicians will prescribe it with caution. They are indicated as just part of a total treatment program that should coincide with the disorder. This includes social, educational, and psychological efforts. The effect of Desoxyn is stabilizing the mind and reducing the symptoms of ADHD.

FDA Warning Label for Desoxyn

The warning label clearly states that methamphetamine comes with a high potential for abuse. It should only be used when other therapies are found to be ineffective. If the drug is administered for long periods of time, there is potential of drug dependence. The FDA warms that attention should be paid to the prescription being used recreationally. There is warning that it should be dispensed sparingly. There is risk that it can cause sudden death and serious cardiovascular problems.

Rate of Addicts Also Have ADHD

Desoxyn is inarguably addictive but perhaps the bigger concern is that those with ADHD have a higher risk of addiction. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has found that 15% of addicts that go into recovery seeking addiction treatment have ADHD. It is risky for someone with ADHD to use any substance that is addictive. The majority of people entering into drug rehabilitation that had ADHD were using alcohol or marijuana as their substance of choice.

Methamphetamines Being Abused by Teens

There is a higher risk that teenagers will abuse prescription pills. There has been a growing trend of teens using drugs found in the medicine cabinet instead of using street drugs. They believe that prescription drugs are safer. There is about 39% of teens from 14 to 20 years old that will buy drugs online.

NIDA says that teens will take prescription drugs to feel better, to perform better at studying and simply to get high. The Journal of Addictive Behavior says that over 11 million adolescents that are 12 and over will use methamphetamine recreationally.

Is Desoxyn a Recipe for Disaster?

In some cases, a child may develop ADHD because their mother was abusing substances while pregnant with them. There is also a predisposition for someone whose parents are substance abusers to also abuse substances themselves. In a study, it was found that children with mothers who abused alcohol while pregnant were twice as likely to develop ADHD. This is compared to children whose mother wasn’t abusing alcohol while pregnant.  There is a likelihood of both disorders to occur, both substance abuse potential and ADHD. Adding a highly addictive prescription drug like Desoxyn is risky with a patient profile such as this.

Methedrine for Obesity

One of the symptoms of people abusing methamphetamines on the street is rapid weight loss. The prescription drug known as Methedrine doesn’t have the same potency, it will also help suppress the appetite effectively. Methedrine for obesity is also FDA approved.

The suppressing nature of methamphetamines makes it a useful drug to stop someone from eating. Patients who use Methedrine will often so unhealthy due to their weight that methamphetamines are a lesser evil. That being said, when it’s prescribed for obesity. It is done so under close supervision of a physician who specializes in weight loss. With all this in mind, there is still risk for dependency.


Co-Occurring Disorder with Desoxyn and ADHD

It is believed that having co-occurring mental health disorders heighten risks of engaging in drug or alcohol abuse. Desoxyn abuse among those with ADHD is more likely among women than men. Women with ADHD will historically have disorders that have an effect on their mood. Those with ADHD are often likely to have another disorder. In general, Desoxyn will likely be abused specifically by the patients they are given to, ADHD sufferers.


Often those with ADHD will begin abusing drugs at an early age to numb the effects of their disorder. They will also likely have been diagnosed and given Adderall. When adults are then given something stronger, it can become a problem far worse. Then the patient with ADHD is also having to manage an addiction. Co-occurring disorder is challenging to diagnose and hard to treat.


Desoxyn Tolerance

ADHD is a frustrating disorder to live with. It is challenging for patients who have it to get rid of symptoms no matter what drug they take. Desoxyn dosing schedules involve increasing the amount taken as time goes on. Tolerance is very likely to develop and can begin to happen within a 30 day period. This is where the dependency can become problematic. There is the possibility of the Desoxyn abuse at this point. There may also be Desoxyn withdrawal symptoms if they don’t take it. It may become difficult to function.


Desoxyn Withdrawal Symptoms

If one becomes dependent on Desoxyn, it is hard to stop using it on your own. Desoxyn withdrawal symptoms can be severe and will affect mental health. The severity depends on how much the patient has used and for how long. Here are some of the common side effects.

  • A strong desire for Desoxyn or other forms of methamphetamines.
  • A constant feeling of agitation or irritability.
  • They may become paranoid.
  • Sleeping problems such as insomnia or sleeping too much. When they sleep too much, their dreams become quite intense.
  • Short term memory loss.
  • Often, there will be a sense of anxiety. They may feel uneasy as though something very bad is going to happen.
  • They feel hungry all of a sudden and may overeat.
  • Extreme exhaustion.
  • They may become depressed.
  • They may experience suicidal thoughts.


Desoxyn Detox

It is likely that detox and a rehabilitation program will be needed in the midst of Desoxyn addiction. There should be a supervised detox as meth effects are extremely powerful. Enough so that withdrawal symptoms can potentially be fatal. There is the possibility of respiratory problems or even heart failure.

This is why medical detox is essential for those who have been on Desoxyn for long periods of time. Although this should never occur in the first place, when a patient is determined to obtain a prescription, they can usually manage to do so. Another reason is that when the drug leaves the body, the patient can be at risk of suicide. They may become highly depressed or even violent towards other people as they withdraw. For these reasons, professional substance detox is advised.

Desoxyn Withdrawal Treatment

As this would be a case of co-occurring disorder, there will need to be a more in-depth therapy than just addiction. When two disorders exist, they will often intertwine, making it difficult to tell which disorder is controlling which aspects of your life. The level of care will likely be determined on how severe the patient has used and how intense withdrawal symptoms are.

If symptoms are intense, the best care would be inpatient rehabilitation. This gives the patient the safe environment they require and helps to initiate abstinence. Addiction specialists should be consulted when it comes to getting treatment for Desoxyn.


Desoxyn Abuse Potential

Desoxyn has great abuse potential no matter who uses it. The deeper issue here is that patients with ADHD are more prone to abusing substances and addiction. Is giving this highly abusive and addictive drug really the right answer? This is why it’s really a last option for any medical professional prescribing medications to patients with ADHD.

Desoxyn can cause more harm than good in the long run. When taken for long periods of time, Desoxyn can stunt growth in children. It has also been shown to cause changes in the brain among teens. Someone with ADHD will have a challenging time with addiction because they will have to deal with two disorders.

Currently, there are not many doctors filling out prescriptions for Desoxyn and if they are, it is done so with caution. Methamphetamines have shown to negatively impact people’s mental and physical health through the ages. It may be helpful for a short time but can cause greater problems for those with ADHD.

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