Union Station Drug and Alcohol Rehab Resources

Addiction rehab resources for Union Station in Denver are necessary.

Not only is there a major problem with opioids but other addictive drugs are being widely abused. Colorado has been found to abuse all the major substances of concern. This includes cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, and meth. Resources for addiction in Union Station and all over Colorado are there for this reason.

Addiction Help in Union Station

Substance addiction is caused by drug and alcohol abuse. Statistics have shown there is a high level of substance abuse in the Denver area. To combat this, there are many rehab resources for Union Station. Getting professional addiction help will increase your chances of recovery by 60%. Without it, there is a risk of relapse which can be dangerous in some cases.

Addiction is a treatable disease. Getting help will allow you to manage the cravings and triggers. You will have the tools you need to recover and gain control of your life. Rehab is available to anyone with an addiction thanks to the healthcare act in the US. This Union State rehab guide gives you all the important information you need to move forward with your recovery. We have listed the program options and what to expect as well as aftercare resources.

Addiction Rehab Recovery in Union Station

There are different options for addiction rehab in Union Station. They vary in their treatment quality, level of support, time commitments, and cost.

Here are common Union Station rehab programs:

Inpatient Rehab Programs

The inpatient program is a residential program where you stay on campus for the duration of rehab. You’re immersed in daily counseling sessions, group therapy, and other treatments. When you go through admissions, the staff determine what treatments will work based on your unique situation. When you’re in an inpatient program, you can fully focus on your recovery and nothing else. They are usually a 28-day program. Due to their high quality and the fact you’re staying in residence, they are the most expensive option. However, your insurance may cover some or all of the costs.

Private Hospitalization Program (PHP)

A PHP is something you might attend once you’re done rehab. It doesn’t have the same format as a rehab program so it’s not something you would start with. It’s a transition point that allows you to take more time to get back to normal life.

You’ll stay in a sober living residence with others that are going through similar battles. If you or your addiction facilitator think there’s a risk of relapse, this is the program you would attend. They range from low-cost subsidized programs to luxury residences with a spa and full gym on site. Treatment is available and you can choose when and what you attend.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

There are many different kinds of outpatient rehab programs in Union Station. They vary in price from free to a sliding scale cost based on your salary. They offer you a lot of freedom. Usually, the treatments aren’t high quality compared to other programs but they are the cheapest option. You can stay at home and go about your daily life. This may cause problems for some as you’re more vulnerable to triggers that caused you to use in the past.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The IOP offers you flexibility and you have access to high-quality treatment that is similar to the inpatient program. You stay at home with this program but you’re in meetings, counseling sessions, and other treatments every day. It is a highly immersive program but you can still go to work and tend to your home life. It costs less than an inpatient program and they usually last for 90 days.

Detox Center in Union Station

It’s recommended you get professional detox. It’s hard to combat the withdrawal symptoms on your own. Some of the symptoms associated with certain substances can be deadly. It’s important to get assessed to see how you’re going to react to the detox process. Quitting ‘cold turkey’ may not be realistic. There is medical detox available to keep you comfortable and safe throughout the process.

Even if you just need holistic detox, the support and constant monitoring gives you peace of mind and makes the process more manageable. Detox manages the physical dependency and takes between 5-7 days for the substance to get out of your system.

Our Addiction Treatment Facility

Our closest rehab addiction facility is right in Denver, CO. Denver Women’s Recovery is a 12-minute drive away from the neighborhood of Union Station.

Recovery Meetings In Union Station

After rehab, you’ll likely be going back home. It’s important to consider your aftercare plan.

This can include things like counseling sessions with addiction specialists. In the Denver area, there are about 20 different options according to a Google search.

There is also AA and NA meetings in Union Station. This gives you motivation and peer support which has been proven to be effective in long term sobriety.

Here are just some meetings available in Union Station.


6:00 pm


1865 S. Pearl St.

Denver, CO


5:45 pm


324 S. Sherman St. (Ch)

Denver, CO


5:30 am

R U Nutz?

1865 S. Pearl St.

Denver, CO


12:00 noon

Central Presbyterian Church

1660 North Sherman Street

Denver, CO


6:50 am

Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church

1280 Vine Street

Denver, CO


12:00 noon

Noon Group AFG

Trinity United Methodist Church

1820 Broadway

Denver, CO


10:00 am

Fresh Air Serenity AFG

St Andrews Presbyterian Church

3096 S Sheridan Blvd

Denver, CO

Is Inpatient Addiction Rehab in Union Station Right For You?

When considering what the right rehab option in Union Station is, you’ll want to figure out how much time you can give and how much money you want to spend. It’s important to give yourself the best chance for a successful recovery. Generally, this means inpatient rehab. It may not work for you, however. If you can’t get away from work or other obligations for a month, there are outpatient programs nearby. The important thing is you get the help you need so you can fully recover from addiction.

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At Women’s Recovery, we have helped thousands of women in Colorado get past addiction. We offer high-quality treatments and a supportive, comfortable residential setting. Our advanced treatments give you the opportunity to truly heal and move on with your life in a positive direction.

Call us today and take the first steps towards a more fulfilling and positive life.


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