Civic Center, CO Rehab Resources

If you’re in need of Denver addiction rehab resources in Civic Center, this guide can help you.

There have been a lot of problems in Denver with drugs like opioids, meth, cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana. If you think you have a substance abuse problem, you’re not alone and there are resources you can use.

Addiction Help in Civic Center, CO

Being in the city of Denver means you have more resources if you do abuse substances. There have been many overdose deaths from cocaine and opioids because of Fentanyl. It has become more dangerous than ever before to purchase and use illicit drugs.

The good news in all of this is that addiction is treatable. There are many ways you can treat addiction through various programs. They will give you the tools you need. There are programs for people from all walks of life regardless of your financial situation or lifestyle.

Professional Rehab in Civic Center

It doesn’t matter what your addiction is, how long you’ve had it, or how much you’ve abused substances, a rehab program is available for your needs. It’s important to talk to someone if you suspect you or someone you love has an addiction. As a loved one, you can stage an intervention with professional help. Many addicts won’t help themselves so it may be up to you.

As an addict, you might have tried to stop in the past only to relapse. You don’t have to manage your addiction alone. There are help and detox is the first step. You’ll also receive tools through counseling to help you better manage things like triggers.

This Civic Center rehab guide will help you find the help you need. We have put together all the relevant information so you know what to expect. You have a lot of options and plenty of support waiting for you. There is hope. This guide will provide rehab resources that are available to you.

Rehab Recovery Options in Civic Center, CO

There are many rehab options in Civic Center, CO. They vary in their quality of treatment, how long they last, and cost. There are residential programs where you will stay for a certain period of time. There are also outpatient programs of all sorts. This is an important step towards a full recovery addiction.

Here are common Civic Center, CO rehab programs:

Inpatient Rehab Programs

This is a residential program where you’ll stay on a campus setting. It is highly immersive as you stay on campus for up to 28 days focusing solely on your recovery. This is one of the best programs you can take if you have the time and money. Your insurance company may cover some or all of the costs. If you have the chance to take an inpatient program, it is a great opportunity for quality recovery treatment.

Inpatient programs may also have detox available. Once you’ve made it through detox, you’ll move along to the rehabilitation portion. You have both your physical and psychological dependencies treated, a very important first step in recovery.

Private Hospitalization Program (PHP)

This type of program is good for transitioning from rehab back to your normal life. It’s not recommended you take it initially for rehab recovery. It is something you want to think about doing if you don’t feel ready to go home after rehab. It may be recommended to you by your rehab program facilitator also.

The PHP includes housing which means you’ll be around other people who are going through what you are. This gives you necessary peer support. There are about 6 hours of treatments available daily. You can choose what sessions you wish to attend. PHP is usually a 90-day program and ranges from low-income to luxury options.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient programs are common and there are many options to choose from. There are low-cost, no-cost programs that are offered by churches or the local government. These programs allow you to be at home throughout. There is little obligation to attend meetings unless rehab has been court ordered. This can be a benefit and also a negative. It leaves you exposed to relapse but gives you the most freedom. You may want to get an assessment to see what your potential for success would be when taking this program.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The IOP is a program that gives you intensive treatment like you’d get at an inpatient program but you aren’t in a residential setting. It costs less than inpatient rehab and allows you to stay at home if you have obligations. You go to a facility daily to go through your treatment and there’s a lot more support than you have with a normal outpatient program. These are often a 90-day program where you have access to hours of treatment per day.

Civic Center, CO Detox Centers

The first step in recovery is detox. There are many detox options in Civic Center, CO that offer you either medical or holistic detox. Depending on what substance you’re addicted to, it may be necessary to use medications to safely detox. This process takes 5-7 days and you’ll likely experience withdrawal symptoms during this time. When completed, the substance will have fully left your body.

Our Addiction Treatment Facility

Our addiction facility is conveniently located in Denver, CO. We are a 20-minute drive away from the neighborhood of Civic Center.

Recovery Meetings in Civic Center

When you’ve made it through detox and rehab, you’ll still need to have an aftercare plan. Recovery is a life-long journey and it’s important to have as much support as possible. This is where NA and AA meetings in Civic Center, CO come in. There is also family support in groups like Al-Anon and Alateen.

Here are just some meetings available in Civic Center.


12:30 pm

Live and Let Live

1311 York St., 322-3674

Denver, CO


6:00 pm

Nine to Five

1301 E. Colfax Ave. (The Center)

Denver, CO


11:00 am


1193 South Bannock Street

Denver, CO


12:00 pm

Central Presbyterian Church

1660 North Sherman Street

Denver, CO


8:00 pm

Stepping Stones AFG

University Park United Methodist Church

2180 S University Blvd


7:00 pm

Promises of Al-Anon

York Street Club

1311 York St

Denver, CO

Is Inpatient rehab in Civic Center Right For You?

Inpatient rehab is a valuable resource that allows you to safely go through the beginning stages of recovery. This is the time you’re most vulnerable. You immerse in the program and get a great deal of support. It offers the most quality treatments so you’re getting the best chance to recover. It might not work for your lifestyle however. You might not have the time to immerse in a program. You may not have the money either. However, you can verify your insurance to see if a program is covered.

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There is the option of outpatient programs too. You can stay at home and get the addiction help you need. Even better, you can choose an Intensive Outpatient Program and get quality treatment while still having the freedom to work and manage your life.

At Women’s Recovery, we have helped thousands of women recover from addiction. Our Civic Center rehab program offers you state of the art treatment that has been proven to work as an addiction tool. This is a safe place for you to come and heal from substance addiction.

When you’re ready to begin your recovery, we’ll be waiting to answer any questions you might have.


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