Copper Mountain, CO Drug and Alcohol Rehab Resources

Copper Mountain, CO addiction resources are there for you when you need help.

Abuse of substances in a ski town are common. There’s a party mentality there that is more extreme than most places. Abusing substances can easily lead to addiction. When you get to this point, it’s important to seek out addiction help. The good news is it’s available to everybody regardless of your financial situation.

Recovery Meetings In Copper Mountain

After rehab, you want to make sure you have an aftercare plan so you can maintain sobriety. One of the best ways to continue the recovery journey is AA or NA meetings in Copper Mountain. There is family support available also through groups like Al-Anon and Alateen.

Here are just some of the meetings available in Copper Mountain.


6:30 pm

Frisco Tuesday Night

Summit County Commons (Library Entrance)

37 Peak One Dr

Frisco, CO


5:30 pm

Frisco Saturday Night

Summit Senior and Activities Center

83 Nancy’s Place

Frisco, CO

The closest NA meetings for Copper Mountain are in Breckenridge.


6:30 pm

Agape Outpost

15404 CO 9

Breckenridge, CO


7:00 pm

Lord of the Mountains Church a

US Hwy 6 & Evergreen Rd.

Dillon, CO


12:00 noon

Summit County Church of Christ

1002 S 7th Ave (7th Avenue at the Recreation Path)

Frisco, CO

Addiction Help in Copper Mountain

Due to the opioid epidemic which is especially prevalent in Colorado, the government has implemented ways of helping all citizens. It’s possible to treat addiction and enjoy a better quality of life. You need to get the tools and that’s where professional rehab in Copper Mountain comes in. When you go through rehab, you bring your mind and body back into balance. This helps you fight against future cravings and reduces the risk of triggers that can cause you to relapse. You don’t have to deal with addiction on your own. We have created this addiction resource guide for Copper Mountain so you know what your options are.

Addiction Rehab Recovery

There are different rehab programs in Copper Mountain to help you recover from addiction. They include inpatient and outpatient options that vary in quality and cost. Make sure to verify your insurance to see what’s covered. These programs will help you manage the physical and psychological reasons for your addiction. Some are more intensive but they all touch upon the proven methods that help you recover.

Here are the Copper Mountain, CO addiction rehab programs:

Inpatient Rehab Programs

Inpatient rehab in Copper Mountain offers you the best therapy. The program involves going into a residential program where you’ll stay the whole time. As you’re immersed, you can focus on getting past your addiction. They create a program based on your specific needs and you receive one on one therapy daily. You’ll also attend group therapy as peer support has been found to be highly effective. The program will usually last 28 days.

Private Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Private Hospitalization programs are meant to be transitionary. If you’ve already attended rehab but feel you need more support, you can partake in PHP. While you’re in the program, you’ll be in a sober living setting. You have a variety of treatment options you can take part in. The program offers you the freedom to choose what treatments you want and when. They usually last up to 90 days.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

There are many options within the outpatient rehab program. There are government and church-run programs that offer low-cost options. You can stay at home and attend meetings that are available within the program. There is less one-on-one help and it’s not as intensive as other programs. It’s a good step down program or helpful for someone with a mild addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

If you don’t have time for inpatient rehab but know you need intensive treatment, IOP might be right for you. You can still work and this program costs less than inpatient. You’ll attend treatment for up to 3 hours a day at an addiction facility. When you’re done for the day, you can go home. There is a higher level of support with IOP when compared to other outpatient programs.

Copper Mountain, CO Detox Centers

Detox will be the first thing you work through when it comes to addiction recovery. This is where you stop using the substance and allowing the body to detoxify. It can come with uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Getting professional help will allow you to get the support you need. There are holistic and medical methods to make detox easier for you. The process takes up to 7 days to fully get the substance out of your body.

Our Addiction Treatment Facility

Women’s Recovery has a new location in Dillon, CO. It’s called Summit Women’s Recovery and is just a 17-minute drive from Copper Mountain.

Is Inpatient Rehab Right For You?

If you’re looking for the best treatment available, that would usually mean going to inpatient rehab. You’ll be able to fully immerse and focus on your recovery while getting high-quality treatment. However, it’s not right for everyone. You might not have the time to spend a month in recovery away from home. You also might find it’s too expensive, especially if your insurance doesn’t cover it.

copper mountain addiction resources

If this is the case, there are outpatient programs available. They allow you to stay at home and they cost less. The IOP might be the best option for someone with limited time. Whatever you decide on, the important thing is getting the help you need with addiction in Copper Mountain.

We care about your recovery at Women’s Recovery. We want to ensure you get the help you need. Our program offers you the most up-to-date treatments with high-quality therapy and compassionate staff.  

You can heal and get past addiction in a safe environment. When you’re ready to get the help you need, we’ll be there. Contact us today.


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