Celebrating Women in Recovery

In the spirit of women on International Women’s Day, we thought we’d give accolades to females in recovery. Also, to the women that have been so supportive and inspiring to others who are going through the beginning stages of recovery. It takes a lot for a recovering addict to admit they have a problem and then care enough to get the help they need. 

These women are courageous and truly an inspiration. For any women in rehab in the Denver, Colorado and surrounding area, we believe you are truly inspiring too. It’s hard to ask for help and make changes in your life, even if they are going to give you a better quality of living later. Embrace your strength and honor all it is to be a woman. 

Inspiring Women in Recovery For Drug Addiction

We often look up to our favorite celebrities and maybe even think they don’t experience the same issues in life as we do. That of course couldn’t be further from the truth. Female celebrities have an unreal amount of pressure in their lives. Some have to self-medicate to keep up with the high demands. These five celebrities had a drug addiction at one point but got help through rehab. 

Jamie Lee Curtis

Curtis considers herself “one of the lucky ones” when it comes to her painkiller addiction. She went through a surgical procedure and was given painkillers afterwards. She was on them for long enough that addiction set in. Curtis also began drinking heavily on top of the opioid addiction. She said this helped reduce her feelings of loneliness on a daily basis. Her addiction lasted for a decade. As a woman in recovery, she has now been clean for 18 years and is always looking to share her story with others. She works with anti-drug organizations that help prevent and treat addiction.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been a star since she was just a little girl. She went through challenges at such a young age, which lead to depressions, an eating disorder, and addiction to drugs. This was all she even became an adult. She was using cocaine at an early age and drinking as a way of self-medication for the emotional pain and stress she was dealing with. 

She is now 25 and has been clean for over 5 years. She’s now a spokesperson for mental health and addiction treatment. Of course, women in recovery are always working on staying clean and Lovato is no exception. She still goes through drug and eating disorder treatment to keep herself focused on a life of sobriety.

Mary J. Blige

When Hip-Hop Queen Mary J. Blige was young, she suffered from a traumatic childhood that involved sexual abuse. She would numb all the dark memories with cocaine and heavy drinking. It was the death of Whitney Houston that made Blige realize that her drug and alcohol abuse could ruin her career and end her life. She owes her recovery to her deep faith in god and has maintained her sober life for many years. 

Jada Pinkett Smith

Pinkett-Smith is an accomplished actress and wife of Will Smith. She grew up in a neighborhood with a mother who was drug addicted. Pinkett–Smith became an actress when she was just a teenager. She was dealing drugs in the 80’s but the main problem she had was her addiction to alcohol. She would drink alone every night in an effort to reduce the painful memories of her childhood. 

When she reached the point where she woke up on her couch with two empty bottles of wine, she knew she needed help. Women in rehab will realize, like Pinkett-Smith did, that it’s not just about recovering from addiction but of all those past traumas. She has been an advocate for many addiction awareness campaigns and has been sober for over 20 years. 

Females in Recovery Bloggers

Rehab for women in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas is your first step towards recovery. There’s more work to be done afterwards however. Support group meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous are highly recommended. However, there are some incredible females in recovery that offer inspiring blogs for those also recovering. Getting a daily dose of their insights has been so helpful for so many women in recovery. So here’s a shout out to some of the best females who are talking about recovery online today. 

Jean McCarthy – Unpickled

On Day 1 of her own journey into sobriety, McCarthy started her blog. She was secretly drinking without letting anyone see. She didn’t stay quiet about her sobriety for too long though. The blog was originally meant to be a tool to hold her accountable. In the process though, she encouraged and supported many women with their own recovery journeys.

Maggie Shores – Sober Courage

For women in rehab, they are surrounded by a supportive group of other women. Once you get out of rehab, you need to find a support group, which is why Maggie Shores shares her journey on her blog. It’s deeply inspiring and has helped other women to maintain sobriety. 

Sasha P. Tozzi – Sasha P.Tozzi

Tozzi teaches women in recovery what she has learned. She is a recovery and lifestyle coach who helps women break through addiction. She also works to help women stop self-sabotaging themselves. Tozzi helps women to find the love within themselves as opposed to the self-hate that perpetuates abusing oneself. 

Unsung Heros

It’s not famous female celebrities and bloggers that we can inspire and support women in rehab and recovery. There are many women that support a variety of aspects women need to recover and move forward with their lives. Resources are created and supported by selfless people all over the US in an effort to help women fully recover.

For example, Holly Wilson has made it her life’s work to help women in rehab and beyond. She is the founder and Chief Empowerment Office at Denver Women’s Recovery. This outpatient clinic helps women in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas with addiction recovery. She created a safe space for women to recover from addiction and mental disorders. After working in the field of mental health and addiction for years, she made it her life’s work to create a welcoming, safe environment for women. 

How Recovery for Women Changed Lives

The behaviors that you exhibit when you’re in the throes of addiction can destroy your life. The health issues, loss of jobs, having people you love give up on you, and taking risks are all things that occur when you have an addiction. Your quality of life improves through each passing day when you finally stop the cycle. This is just what these women in recovery will tell you. Here are a few stories about how lives improved once they got sober.

Laura Silverman

Silverman was once addicted to drugs and alcohol. When she finally cleaned up her act, she started to make a difference in other’s lives. Laura Silverman is now the founder of The Sobriety Collective. This is an online community for people in recovery. She found a beautiful purpose and has made it a mission to help others with their recovery. She is also an ambassador for a non-profit group called “Shatterproof,” which works to demystify the stigma around substance use disorder.

Amanda Fletcher

Fletcher was once a binge drinker but ended up with breast cancer in her early 30’s. She knew she needed to stop drinking. When she did, she realized she had been using alcohol abuse as a crutch to avoid emotional issues she was not willing to look at. As she recovered from breast cancer, she got herself sober. She came to realize that while alcohol might bring some might big highs, they also come with extreme lows. She says what she loves about being sober is when she does experience joy, she doesn’t have to work hard to dig herself out of the lows because she can manage them. 

Of course countless other females in recovery have been asked how their lives changed when they opted for the sober life. Confidence comes back and the drive to do something with your life now that you’re free is a common feeling. Many said they didn’t think change was possible for them until they went to rehab for women. This is where they learned that they could enjoy a life free from addiction. 

Women’s Recovery in Denver and in Dillon, Colorado can help.

As we celebrate those women in recovery and those who support others, we also want to mention the help available for those out there. Everyone has the power to make great changes and we want to help you get there. At Women’s Recovery in Denver and Dillon, Colorado, we help women through various methods of therapy, group support, addiction, and education. You won’t be alone and we help you every step of the way.

Our outpatient rehab for women programs address both addiction and underlying reasons they occurred. We have an all female staff that are highly knowledgeable, welcoming, and compassionate. The benefits of an outpatient program is that you can still continue with your daily tasks. We can work around your schedule. You visit the clinic, where we offer high quality treatment services that are the same caliber as an inpatient rehab program. We are here to answer any of your questions so please call us today.

Please leave a comment if you know another inspiring woman who has helped someone with their addiction recovery.