Laura McKowen – Inspiration for Recovering Addicts in Colorado

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Laura McKowen is an inspiration to recovering female alcoholics around the globe. This Coloradoan got past her own addictions, and has become a well known author, teacher, and speaker. Her book, “We are the Luckiest, The Magic of a Sober Life,” offers addicts a new kind of hope.  Apart from her Instagram account and Facebook page, that has thousands of followers, Laura offers sobriety support through her website and is heavily invested in sending words [...]


The Telescoping Effect: An Expert Perspective on Gender Gaps in Drug and Alcohol Treatment

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There are many gender differences in addiction, something that is being studied at greater length now. One of the clearest examples of the gender gap in addiction can be found in what is known as telescoping. It has been found to be more prevalent in women, putting them at high risk for developing addiction quickly.  What is the Telescoping Effect? Telescoping is a term that describes how quickly someone will [...]