6 Reasons Why Trauma and Addiction Go Together Like Barbie and Ken

2019-09-11T15:31:10+00:00September 10th, 2019|Addiction Information|

There are no two ways around it:  trauma often leads to addiction. The trauma and addiction statistics below are shocking, but tell an important story: Seven out of ten adults in the United States have reportedly experienced a traumatic event in the past – and at least twenty percent of those who experience trauma later develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Around 1 in 10 Americans are addicted to either drugs or alcohol. These numbers are surprising for [...]


Overdose Warning: The Dangers of Combining Gabapentin and Opioids

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Gabapentin and Opioids Make National Headlines    Opioids have gotten a lot of press coverage lately. Why? Because President Donald Trump finally declared the opioid crisis a national public health emergency in the United States. It took tens of thousands of Americans dying from an opioid overdose before the federal government finally sat up and took notice. But, thankfully, people in power are taking action and seeking a solution to the problem of opioid addiction [...]


Holly Montag Wilson, Founder of Women’s Recovery: A Great Comeback Story

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“I would hope that Denver Women’s Recovery is my legacy, and it’s the best thing that I’ve ever been (able) to do to feel like I’m able to help people along their journey to find recovery.” ~ Holly Wilson, Founder of Women’s Recovery Once upon a time, Holly Montag lived what seemed to be an enviable life. A decade ago, she was a famous face on such popular reality TV shows as The Hills and [...]


Krokodil: The Ugly Truth About the Zombie Drug

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Krokodil is a deadly heroin knockoff that took the world by storm in 2012. What is it, though, and what has its impact been since then? Public awareness of krokodil, dubbed the “flesh-eating zombie drug,” burst onto the scene when VICE released a 25-minute krokodil documentary related to the drug’s impact in Siberia. The video went viral, collecting more than 14.5 million views at the time of this writing. American reporters called it, “more deadly [...]


Colorado Says Goodbye to Columbine Survivor and Recovery Advocate Austin Eubanks

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In late May of this year, Coloradans were shocked to learn of the tragic death of one if their own – beloved Columbine survivor Austin Eubanks. He was 37. It’s been almost a month now and the autopsy report has JUST been shared with the public. However, his family said from the very beginning they knew what killed him – opioid addiction. In a statement last month, his family said Eubanks "lost the battle with [...]


Colorado Lawmakers Look to Reduce Drug Possession Penalties

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Colorado lawmakers are considering a controversial new bill that would make drug possession a misdemeanor crime instead of a felony. The proposed HB19-1263 would include both Schedule I and Schedule II substances, such as cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl. The idea is that the fifty-year-old so-called “War on Drugs” isn’t working as it is currently being fought. For almost two decades, every passing year has set a tragic new record, in terms of the total number [...]


How I hid My Heroin Addiction from my Family and Friends

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You wouldn’t know it to look at me now, but for two years, I was a painkiller and heroin addict. I didn’t fit into your stereotypical image of a junkie. I had a job and a home. I was married and had a child. I still have those things, but what I don’t have anymore is an active addiction. “He was depressed. He was addicted to heroin. And I think there comes a time when [...]


Is Marijuana Dangerous? Our In-House Expert Answers Important Questions

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Medical and recreational marijuana have each been legal in Colorado for a number of years now, and the tide of social opinion is rapidly changing.  Today, the general consensus is that as marijuana use continues to become more acceptable, it will be decriminalized in more places. Right now, some degree of use is legal in all but four states. This is why many people look at pot as at worst similar to alcohol—a personal choice [...]


Mothers In Colorado Choosing Non-Opioid Pain Treatment after a C-Section

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You’ve heard all about how the opioid epidemic has been affecting families, communities, and the whole country in general. Now, it’s reaching new and pregnant women in the state of Colorado. Opioid overdoses have caused more maternal deaths than car accidents, homicides, or illness. The increase in maternal deaths is linked to the increase in prescription drug abuse. The abuse is causing overdose and addiction. Mothers and their doctors that are conscious of the opioid [...]


8 Amazing Women Who Are Rocking Recovery

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Hollywood A-list celebrities and Platinum album recording artists seem to be the kings and queens of nightlife, whisking off in stretch limousines to clubs throughout the city. Hollywood isn’t all after-parties and bottle service, though. There are dozens of women in recovery from alcoholism or addiction who grace the silver screen and radio stations throughout the country. After witnessing the very public downfalls of Demi Lovato, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears splattered across tabloid magazines nationwide, [...]