5 Songs About Addiction and Recovery by Women

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Addiction Has Always Been a Source of Great Inspiration for Musicians There are certain subjects that have sparked creativity for musicians throughout the ages. For instance; heartbreak immediately come to mind. In fact, one research study revealed that most of the number one songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 in the past 60 years have been about breakups. The study also showed that suffering, loss, desire, aspiration, pain, inspiration, and nostalgia were popular themes among hit [...]


Overdose Warning: The Dangers of Combining Gabapentin and Opioids

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Gabapentin and Opioids Make National Headlines    Opioids have gotten a lot of press coverage lately. Why? Because President Donald Trump finally declared the opioid crisis a national public health emergency in the United States. It took tens of thousands of Americans dying from an opioid overdose before the federal government finally sat up and took notice. But, thankfully, people in power are taking action and seeking a solution to the problem of opioid addiction [...]