Krokodil: The Ugly Truth About the Zombie Drug

2019-06-24T15:56:38+00:00June 23rd, 2019|Addiction Information|

Krokodil is a deadly heroin knockoff that took the world by storm in 2012. What is it, though, and what has its impact been since then? Public awareness of krokodil, dubbed the “flesh-eating zombie drug,” burst onto the scene when VICE released a 25-minute krokodil documentary related to the drug’s impact in Siberia. The video went viral, collecting more than 14.5 million views at the time of this writing. American reporters called it, “more deadly [...]


Colorado Says Goodbye to Columbine Survivor and Recovery Advocate Austin Eubanks

2019-07-01T18:15:41+00:00June 18th, 2019|Addiction Information|

In late May of this year, Coloradans were shocked to learn of the tragic death of one if their own – beloved Columbine survivor Austin Eubanks. He was 37. It’s been almost a month now and the autopsy report has JUST been shared with the public. However, his family said from the very beginning they knew what killed him – opioid addiction. In a statement last month, his family said Eubanks "lost the battle with [...]


8 Reasons Why Being a Sober Woman Will Change Your Life for the Better

2019-07-01T20:33:09+00:00June 9th, 2019|Recovery|

Being a sober woman comes with some large benefits that maybe you can’t see in your present moment. While you can appreciate some of the obvious positive changes that will occur, there are some smaller nuances that will surprise you. The initial elation of a life with no hangovers, no more chains that bind you, no more booze blues and no more addiction-related mistakes is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Once you treat your addiction, [...]