My Path to Freedom: A Mom’s Recovery From Alcoholism

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It wasn’t until getting sober that I realized how my drinking affected my children, whether or not I was present. Alcohol. It was always around from the time I was a little girl. My father spent evenings in his armchair in front of the television. My job was to fetch him a new beer from the fridge each time he was almost done with his last one. I pretended I was a waitress, running between [...]


Vivitrol (Naltrexone): How This Addiction Aid Safely Helps Alcoholics and Opiate Addicts

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Vivitrol is the latest medication used to help those in early recovery stay away from drugs and alcohol. Learn more about how Vivitrol can help you remain clean and sober. Early recovery is a trying time for every addict and alcoholic. Learning to deal with emotions after using drugs and alcohol to cope for any length of time is difficult. The sudden rush of feelings is overwhelming and proves difficult for many who are just [...]


Alcohol’s Effects on Women’s Health

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Alcohol affects men and women differently from a biological perspective. What are some health concerns for women when it comes to alcohol intake? It’s widely understood that women have a lower overall tolerance for alcohol than men do. Men often need to drink more than women in order to achieve the same result. Some may think that it is simply a sexist assumption. However, research has revealed biological differences between the sexes that show men’s [...]


The Road to Relapse

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The thought of relapse can be one of the scariest parts of recovery.  However, a relapse doesn’t have to be part of your recovery story.  Typically, the relapse behaviors and thoughts start far before the actual use.  Here is some insight that hopefully can keep you off the road to relapse and continuing down the path of recovery.  If a relapse does become part of your recovery story know that is not where it has [...]