How to REALLY forgive yourself: #7 Steps To Take to Finding Forgiveness Within

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Why So Many Are on the Frenzied Search for Forgiveness Many people who are recovering from commonly abused substances frantically search the internet for articles that answer the question, “How can I REALLY forgive myself…..NOW?” There’s a reason for this hurried need for self-forgiveness. It’s called guilt. You see, forgiveness is the only antidote to guilt. There is no other cure, remedy, or fix for guilt other than good old-fashioned forgiveness. And, chances are if [...]


Dating and Sober: How Courtship Changes (And Improves) in Recovery

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Courtship changes and improves in recovery, but navigating the process can be a daunting task. You should know upfront that dating can be a complicated endeavor for people with sobriety. This is because matters of the heart are quite complicated – especially when recovery is involved. Nevertheless, finding a romantic sober relationship can be very rewarding. Here’s the straight scoop on dating in recovery, complete with some tips you can take with you as you [...]


Four Drugs That Require Medically Supervised Detox

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There are certain drugs you can stop taking on your own without going through a medically supervised detox. Drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and even methamphetamines do not require that you undergo a medical detox to kick your habit. Sure, quitting any one of these drugs is sure to be uncomfortable and guaranteed to make you a very unhappy camper for at least a week, but withdrawal is not life-threatening. With certain other drugs, it’s a [...]