The Astonishing Truth About Alcoholics Anonymous

2017-08-03T18:31:33+00:00August 25th, 2017|Alcoholism|

No one was as surprised about the truth behind Alcoholics Anonymous as I was. I remember the moment I was told that I needed to go to an AA meeting. I can also remember when I was told I needed to keep going back. That wasn’t something I wanted to do at all. Alcoholics Anonymous was for people who couldn’t control their alcohol intake. It wasn’t for people like me. I knew how much I drank, [...]


The Real Risk of Heroin Overdose in Women

2019-07-01T17:26:40+00:00August 15th, 2017|Addiction Information|

In many ways, there is a much higher risk of heroin overdose in women than there is in men. Use of the heroin drug has dramatically increased all over the United States. There are those who believe this is at least partially because of how hard it is to obtain prescription drugs. For many people, and especially for women, prescription drugs are their drugs of choice. They prefer them over anything else. However, in recent years, [...]


Alcoholic Hepatitis Risk in Women

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The alcoholic hepatitis risk in women is much higher than it is in men. This is due to a number of factors. If you are a woman who is an alcoholic, you need to be aware of the dangers. It is extremely dangerous to continue to drink alcohol. In doing so, you put yourself at great risk for many diseases. Among these diseases is alcoholic hepatitis.   What is Alcoholic Hepatitis? Alcoholic hepatitis is a condition [...]