The Power of Meditation and Healthy Habits for Women in Recovery

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There is no question regarding the benefit and power of meditation and healthy habits for women in recovery. It is not for nothing that many recovery programs include workshops on developing mindfulness, encouraging healthy habits in daily life, and creating space for self-care throughout the recovery process. Both meditation and healthy habits can be extremely beneficial in keeping women on track with their recovery, especially after they have left a more formal rehab facility or program. [...]


Alcoholism Risk for Women on the Rise: Learn Why

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Statistics in the United States make it clear that alcoholism risk for women is on the rise. Nearly half of adult women say that they have drank alcohol in the past month. This alone would not be startling if it were not for the fact that twelve percent of adult women have reported binge drinking (that is, drinking five or more drinks in one sitting) three times a month. More than that, alcohol consumption and binge [...]